Vivo Is Developing Multiple Smartphones With Dual Displays

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Vivo Is Developing Multiple Smartphones With Dual Displays

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In the past, Chinese smartphone maker, Vivo had launched a couple of innovative smartphones which include the Vivo NEX and Vivo NEX dual-screen variant. The key highlighting feature of both the smartphones is exceptionally high screen-to-body ratio. However, as the name suggests, the NEX dual-screen variant takes the idea a step further by accommodating dual displays.

Vivo NEX Dual Display According to freshly granted patents, Vivo is developing a couple more smartphones that feature two displays. Out of which, one is placed on the front while a smaller secondary display is present on the rear. The two handsets have a similar design with the key difference being disparate camera arrangement.

Like the original Vivo NEX dual display, both the Model A and Model B in the patens have a large screen edge-to-edge display on the front. The earpiece for receiving phone calls is embedded in the thin bezel right above the display.

In terms of ports and button, the bottom of both the Vivo handsets is occupied by a USB port which is flanked by the loudspeaker and microphone grille. Moving to the sides, the left side of the devices is occupied by a power button and volume controller. Likewise, the right side also houses another set of volume rockers which can be used depending upon whether the front or the rear display is in use. Vivo NEX Dual Display

As previously mentioned the rear of both the Model A and Model B of the Vivo smartphone house a secondary display. But the Model A features a comparatively larger ring light which is accompanied by the camera sensor and a secondary hidden flash. On the other hand, the Model B has a capsule-shaped ring light which surrounds the camera sensor. 

Besides, both the Vivo smartphones can also utilise the rear display as a screen light as seen on applications like Snapchat. All in all, these Vivo handsets are just slightly modified variants of the original dual-display smartphone. Therefore, we believe they have a high probability of turning into real-life devices which will be commercially available.Vivo NEX Dual Display

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Unfortunately, the specs of smartphones are currently unavailable. Though they will be revealed with the official launch which is assumed to happen soon. 

What are your thoughts on smartphones with dual displays? Do you think they offer any additional advantage over a conventional smartphone? Let us know in the comments below.

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