LG Is Working On A Flexible Smartphone With Rollable Display

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LG Is Working On A Flexible Smartphone With Rollable Display

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The year 2019 has seen many new innovations and trends popularised in the mainstream mobile industry. One of such innovative buzzwords surrounded flexible or foldable smartphones. Samsung with the Galaxy Fold was one of the first to reveal a functioning smartphone with a flexible display despite all its flaws. Now, LG is also reportedly jumping on the bandwagon to introduce its own flexible smartphone which may have a rollable display.


Samsung Galaxy Fold

LG has trademarked the name ‘LG Rolling’ with the South Korean Intellectual Property Office. Earlier this year, the South Korean company had also trademarked names such as ‘Roll Canvas’, ‘Rotolo’, ‘The Roll’, ‘E Roll’, ‘Dual Roll’, ‘Signature R’, ‘R Screen’, ‘R Canvas’, and ‘Bi Roll’ with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Hence, it is speculated that an LG smartphone with a flexible rollable display is currently under development.


Foldable LG Phone Concept

Notably, LG has already used rollable displays in the past. The technology is currently employed on its Signature OLED TV R. As the name suggests, it is an OLED TV that was showcased at CES 2019. The Signature TV features a 65 inch OLED display that can roll back into the base when not in use. Previously, LG had confirmed that they were planning to work on a rollable and foldable smartphone after various reports and rumours surfaced.

The freshly granted patent suggests that LG’s rollable handset is currently in-development stages whiles its name is still undecided. 


LG Signature OLED TV R

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Conclusively, LG may probably not end up calling the device ‘Rolling’ but use the moniker to represent its key feature. Furthermore, the inclusion of the Signature TV technology in smartphones is a great step in innovation for the mobile industry. Foldable smartphones have already been made and seen but a rolling device could be the next big trend for the arriving year. Unfortunately, concrete information is still lacking but more news is expected to arrive soon, so stay tuned.

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