Rejoice! iOS 6 Jailbreak Confirmed, May Come Out On Sunday!

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Rejoice! iOS 6 Jailbreak Confirmed, May Come Out On Sunday!

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After many tantalizing hints, the team behind the upcoming evad3rs jailbreak has confirmed it will come as early as Sunday. The crew, noted jailbreak developers @pod2g, @planetbeing and @musclenerd, are working hard on the front-end code for the jailbreak, but the team members have individually assured the world that it is untethered and compatible with iOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2 and the newly-released 6.1.

According to the team, the new jailbreak will support every iOS device on the market except for the Apple TV 3rd gen, including the iPhone 5 and iPad 4. While jailbreak has since lost some of its steam due to the addition of many consumer-facing features in iOS 6, many users still clamor for the enhanced experience of BiteSMS and Infinidock, among others.

[quote]”We (+ @MuscleNerd @planetbeing @pimskeks) are the @evad3rs. We don’t take any donations ATM, please don’t be fooled at donating to others,” tweeted Pod2g.[/quote]

For those unaware, the iOS jailbreak eliminates the limitations forced by Apple on devices running the company’s latest operating system through the use of software tweaks on devices that include iPhones, iPads, and more. A tethered system means the procedure must be repeated every time the smartphone reboots.

The information about evad3rs possession of the jailbreak was revealed by pod2g to iDigitalTimes.

[quote]The hacker talked about the success of the team of developers saying:  “6.0 is jailbroken, 6.1 beta 4 also. Now we are waiting 6.1 to confirm and release. For your information and this is important to me that everybody knows about it also, this jailbreak will be @planetbeing and @pimskeks.”[/quote]

Pod2g also added that he was only a small part of the jailbreak’s discovery as the majority of the work was done by @planetbeing and @pimskeks.

While the team allegedly has the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak, they are holding on to it until Apple releases iOS 6.1.

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