Apple iPhone Could Have Been Called ‘Telepod’, ‘Tripod’ or ‘Mobi’!

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Apple iPhone Could Have Been Called ‘Telepod’, ‘Tripod’ or ‘Mobi’!

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Before Apple settled for iPhone, Apple considered several other names for its first smartphone. Not only was the name iPad originally in contention for the phone rather than it later being used for the company’s tablet, but it also almost went with TriPod. Really.

Considering that Apple named their desktop computer system the iMac and their portable media player the iPod, it isn’t surprising that they decided to name their mobile phone the iPhone. However that wasn’t always the case and according to former Apple marketer, Ken Segall.

Speaking to 9to5Mac, Segall said that Apple considered the names “Telepod” and “Tripod” for the smartphone at one point. 

The former brand would bring “telephone” together with the iPod, while the latter would refer to the iPhone’s three core capabilities – a phone, an iPod and a device to get onto the internet. 

According to Segall, Apple also evaluated the name “mobi” as a play on the word “mobile”, and could even have called the phone “iPad”. That brand was used for Apple’s tablet computer product that debuted in 2010.

But Apple co-founder Steve Jobs previously revealed that the firm actually started working on the tablet before the phone, only to end up prioritising the iPhone in its product strategy. 

So yeah, looking at what names Apple might have picked for its iconic smartphone, we’re glad it chose the “iPhone” eventually. Otherwise, we would now be talking, tweeting and snapping photos using our Tripods, and that just sounds silly. Don’t you agree?

[Via 9to5Mac]

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