Blackberry Ahead Of iOS And Android! In A ‘Don’t Want’ Poll.

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Blackberry Ahead Of iOS And Android! In A ‘Don’t Want’ Poll.

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Blackberry finally has the lead on Android and iOS! Well at least in a poll where people voted for the things they “didn’t want”.


71.4% of the respondents agreed that “nothing would get them to buy a BlackBerry.” Only 31.3% said the same thing about Android and for the iPhone the number was even lower at 19.7%. Interestingly, Windows Phone does not appear in that survey conducted by research house Raymond James.

Here is a brief excerpt from the piece, explaining in greater detail:

“Here’s a novel way of polling consumer sentiment in the smartphone market: Don’t ask people which handset they prefer to use; ask them which one they would never use.

Research In Motion/BlackBerry is having a difficult time convincing consumers that its new operating systems, coupled with fresh smartphones, is an alternative to the top players in the market. This Raymond James survey appears to back up that claim.

As AllThingsD reports, it’s interesting to see purchasing sentiment gauged in terms of what smartphones consumers are adamantly opposed to using. If the smartphone market is truly so factionalized that some consumers say that nothing could convince them to switch away from their preferred device, then upstart platforms like Windows Phone and the like have a steep uphill climb, indeed.

What do you think about the operating system, do you feel the same way about it as the respondents of this survey?

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