Indian Company Rolocule Launches Motion Tennis For iOS, Turns Your iPhone Into A Wii Like Console

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Indian Company Rolocule Launches Motion Tennis For iOS, Turns Your iPhone Into A Wii Like Console

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There are a lot of things that Apple has done since coming out with the iPhone that have turned the industry around. There are a lot of things that companies producing apps to be sold for Apple products that are helping to further the Apple stranglehold on the industry. 

Apple may not have turned the Apple TV into a console yet, but that hasn’t stopped one game developer from trying it, with Pune-based company Rolocule Games launching Motion Tennis, turning the iPhone into a Wii style motion-controller for the set-top box.

As SlashGear reports, the game relies on AirPlay Mirroring, more commonly associated with screen sharing, but used by Rolocule Games to translate gyroscope and accelerometer data from how the iPhone is swung into Wiimote-like motion information to control the virtual players on-screen.

The game works just as that Wii title does, as the player swings his or her iPhone in order to make the player on screen swing. The game uses the iPhone’s accelerometer in order to determine how the player is holding the iPhone and, in turn, translates a swing and hit into a normal shot, a slice or a lob.

The game is available in the app store for $7.99 (you will also require an Apple TV to play the game) in the App Store and despite its unique gaming perspective, users will be able to play multiple functions including single player versus the computer with four different difficulties, a co-op doubles match with two human players going against two computer players and a final mode of survival. In survival, the first player to miss a point loses the match. 

The game studio, based in India, has previously released a series of touch-based tennis, badminton and squash games. Motion Tennis is new in that it brings gameplay to the television using motion gestures.

Rolocule’s Linkedin page description reads : Rolocule Games is an award winning game development and research studio located in Pune, India. Its mission is to entertain universally, by blending technology with art and creating most enjoyable experience for everyone and strongly believes that art and technology often creates magic.

We’re glad to see an Indian company gaining accolades world-wide for a truly innovative concept. Well done. 

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