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App A Day : Game : Blockees for iOS

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Today we have a fun game from Runloop Ltd. called Blockees. This is a puzzle game about uniting blocks of the same colour in as few strokes as possible. It sounds kind of silly but is quite addictive.


The music is very happy happy fun fun at first but gets on your nerves very soon, so this game is best played with the sound muted. It is quite challenging as there are grey coloured blocks which are quite miserable (so says the app) and don’t like to unite with other blocks.


The game comes with 75 levels in 3 level-packs for you to play. It also has a Puzzle Editor section for user created levels so you can challenge your friends. There’s even a pack generator which downloads user-created maps according to your criteria, so you’ll probably be spending a lot of time swiping little blocks around to unite them with their coloured counterparts. All-in-all the app is quite nice and puts a new twist to puzzle games.


  • Price : $0.99

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To download the app Click the button below.

Blockees - Runloop Ltd


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