Activision to Pull a Marvel: May Start its Own Movie Studio

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Activision to Pull a Marvel: May Start its Own Movie Studio

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You have played those Activision games a million times, they have intricate storylines and some amazing characters. Activision understands the tremendous motion picture potential that they have that is waiting to add multiple zeros to their bank statements.

Activision is famous for its gaming titles such as Call of Duty and Skylanders. The company is inspired by the phenomenal success that Marvel has had since the comic book company unleashed its characters on the big screen. The Marvel Cinematic Universe was one tough nut to crack and Marvel executive managed to achieve it and now are reaping the glory. Activision wants to follow suit and bring out films on which it has complete control.

Usually the producers who are interested in a title ask for rights of characters from comic characters and games. After buying the rights the producers can decide on the script and treatment of the story. But in the case of Marvel, the company wanted to have control over the decisions of the films and so established their own movie studio.


Activision intends to have such control when it establishes the movie studio. There is a huge market full of gamers who would simply love to watch their favorite character played by Hollywood stars. They can easily come back to their games and create a personalized version of the story in their home consoles. As of now Activision isn’t opening its cards and is not commenting on the issue but they realize the prospects of a movie business are huge. They should move fast before the other studios get ahead of them. We are waiting and getting our popcorns ready. Activision, show us what you got.

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