App a Day:Contr2Brothers – Contra for iOS

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App a Day:Contr2Brothers – Contra for iOS

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Well we found an app that brings back a few childhood memories of sitting in front of the TV and furiously mashing the controls of the NES to kill a few bad guys and achieve 14-bit glory. Here we have a misappropriatly named game called Contr2Brothers – a copy of the good-old game Contra. It features the same game-play as the original with on-screen controls that are slightly tough to use. The game claims to offer 30 lives but we still haven’t figured out how to get there. The audio is a little irritating after a while so you might want to mute it. One good feature is that the game supports upto 2 players via a bluetooth connection. Download it from the link below to relive your childhood…

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Contr2Brothers - IceFish



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