New Web Tool by Apple Allows Users to Deregister Phone Numbers from iMessage

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New Web Tool by Apple Allows Users to Deregister Phone Numbers from iMessage

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Apple has released a new tool that let’s former iPhone users deregister their phone numbers instantly from Apple’s iMessage system. This allows switching between iOS and other smartphones hassle free. Many former iPhone users have reported for years that they were unable to receive text messages from friends.

The problem occurs as Apple continues to route texts through iMessage even after users have moved on to non Apple devices. Since iMessage is exclusive to the Apple platform, users who moved away from iOS but did not disable iMessage first, were unable to see messages sent from friends who used Apple devices. The only solution to this for users who were still facing this problem was to deregister entirely the old device from their Apple accounts.

With the recently released tool, all users need to do is enter the phone number they wish to deregister from Apple’s iMessage system. Apple will then send a code via SMS, which they need to type into the browser to deregister.

Apple received a lot of heat earlier this year over disappearing messages which irritated some users to the extent that they had to file a law suit over the matter.

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