Apple Finally Gives India the Attention it Deserves, Plans to Set Up More Than 500 Stores

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Apple Finally Gives India the Attention it Deserves, Plans to Set Up More Than 500 Stores

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India is fast becoming the go-to market for technology-based companies to try out their luck. A growing middle class with its increased purchasing power is growing more comfortable with experimenting with offerings of various companies. Almost every global company sees India as a potential market for their product. Every company is trying to impress the Indian consumer with better features and improved updates. Apple too understands the importance of this market and hence is pushing for an aggressive growth in the number of stores across the country.

The Cupertino-based technology superpower is planning to set up over 500 stores across the length and breadth of India. The company seems to have finally recognized the importance of our country to increase their hold on the international market. The company is already a major player in next door China and actively competes against the big brands there.

Meanwhile, India has mostly been Android dominated. A mass variety of offerings based on everyone’s preferences and budgets are available in the Android ecosystem. iPhones and other Apple offerings are seen as aspirational, as well as often berated for their high price values. But there is still a large Apple fan base which is almost as fanatical in support of the products from the company.

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The stores will be set up in smaller towns and cities such as Amritsar, Pathankot, Moga, Coimbatore, Trichy, Nagpur and Nasik as the company sees a big number of potential consumers there. These stores are going to be small though, about 300-600 sq ft as opposed to the ones in bigger cities with a size of 2,000 sq ft. Apple will also be increasing its investments in direct advertising in the country.

Apple has been in India since 2011 but has till now operated with two distributors, Redington and Ingram. It is not sure as of yet how the business plan will incorporate the distributors as of yet. It is anticipated though that the company might adopt a franchise model to bring its products to the consumers. Reliance is also one of the reseller for Apple and had a 5 year contract with the company. But Apple might drop this partnership as they feel the service offered by Reliance is not up to their standards.

It sure is a great thing that Apple is putting its focus on the Indian soil. The setting up of 500 stores also means that any release by Apple will immediately come to India. This will surely increase competition amongst other brands to counter the giant. In the end, the winner will be the Indian consumer, who is already getting giddy with all the amazing options to choose from.

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