Apple’s Mobile Security Measures Minimise iPhone Theft by 40%

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Apple’s Mobile Security Measures Minimise iPhone Theft by 40%

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Mobiles have become an easy target for thieves these days. Their compact size and the fact that their after-sales value is quite good doesn’t hurt the cause. However, it seems like iPhone users need not worry as Apple’s security measures are said to be super helpful in recovering smartphones.

According to a report by American Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Apple has reduced the problem of phone theft by as much as 40 percent. The report stated that the company’s security apps Find My iPhone and Activation Lock have gone a long way to curb iPhone robbery. The commission also appealed all to come together to fight back this situation and become more aware of their surroundings.

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The commission commented to treat phone theft as a credit card theft. Your phone is very important as significant information like card details are stored on the device. It is also recommended that iPhone owners note down the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of their device. The commission advised the users to lock their screen through lock screen function and secure the device using passwords and pins, and report lost of your smartphone as soon as possible.

According to a report, 59 percent of robberies involved smartphones in San Francisco, while in New York, the figure of smartphone robbery was 46 percent. In London, it reached to 50 percent. However, after the Apple Activation Lock, the burglary saw a turn down by 38 percent in San Francisco, 24 percent in London and 19 percent in New York.

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