Wow Keys: The iPhone Keyboard Dock

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Wow Keys: The iPhone Keyboard Dock

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Korean manufacturer Omnio has come out with a few prototypes of its ‘WOW Keys’ USB keyboard last year and is all set to enter the keyboard industry with its finished product this year. Measuring 16 x 4.7 x 1 -inches and weighing 1.4 pounds, the full-size QWERTY keyboard is compatible with both windows and mac operating systems, permitting the docking of iPhones and iPods.

In addition to charging and syncing when connected to the keyboard, the handheld devices can be used for touchscreen control of the PC, including as a numberpad when loaded with a special app. Two-way functionality means that with the press of a button, ‘wow-keys’ can switch from ‘PC mode’, which uses the phone or iPod as touchscreen input to the PC, to ‘iPhone mode’ instead, which permits easy file transfer and utilizes the keyboard for text entry directly into the handheld device. In ‘iPhone mode’, twelve keyboard hotkeys provide shortcut functionality to the docked device, such as ‘search’, ‘home’, ‘play/pause’, and ‘display on/off’.


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