Apple May Not Bring Out a 4-inch iPhone 6C

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Apple May Not Bring Out a 4-inch iPhone 6C

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In an earlier article, we showed you the rumoured leaked images of the iPhone 6C, and according to other reports and rumours, Apple was meant to launch 3 iPhones this year. But, on 27th July 2015, an update by digitaltrends said that the 4-inch phone had been scrapped and that a picture of what might have been the iPhone 6C’s battery pack had also been removed.

This rumour began when sometime in January, Timothy Arcuri, of Cowen and Company hinted that he saw signs of a smaller iPhone being in production. Later, in July, he stated that plans for a 4-inch iPhone 6C have since been scrapped, attributing one of the reasons to the successful sales of the iPhone 6 and stating  that the launch of a new phone would be self-destructive. However, another leaked image of a smaller 1715 mAh battery, that appeared on a website called, sparked rumour mills again.

1715 mAh battery

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Most sources deny the launch of a new iPhone 6C, however, reports have found, that along with the launch of the Apple 6 and 6 Plus, Apple revealed a brightly coloured phone that looked exactly like the 5C, but had one small difference. If one looked at the Home Button, one would see a chrome surround and an absence of a square icon, that gave the impression of a Touch ID sensor. Since then rumours have been afloat, as to whether, Apple might have leaked its own phone. These rumours could be false, since the images could also have been a poorly constructed press render.

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