Apple Rejects Rumours About Launching its Own MVNO Cellular Service

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Apple Rejects Rumours About Launching its Own MVNO Cellular Service

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Yesterday, we reported that Apple was looking to start a mobile wireless service. However, in a statement to CNBC, Apple has clarified and said that it “has not discussed and is not planning MVNO cellular service following reports saying it was planning on doing that.”

This statement crushed all rumours that Apple was looking to expand by exploring to become an MVNO. Besides, Google had also announced their own MVNO initiative, Project Fi. However, Apple has clearly rejected all rumours surrounding their own so-called initiative and has no plans to offer consumers an MVNO cellular service.

Even Tim Cook, had earlier stated that Apple doesn’t need to “own the pipe” and that their aim was to focus on making great and efficient devices while leaving the cellular issues to “people who own it” and “who know more about it than we do”

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Gourab Das

Apple is a living legend … And what it creats became legend (y)