Apple Pencil Wants to Take on Samsung’s S-Pen

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Apple Pencil Wants to Take on Samsung’s S-Pen

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What do you do when Apple announces an Apple pencil? You write about it. Then, because it’s so similar to Samsung’s S-Pen, you compare them.

 Whether you’re sketching in the park, painting a watercolor portrait, or drafting a blueprint, Apple Pencil gives you a variety of tools in a single instrument. You hold it, but it doesn’t hold you back.

The new S-Pen most recently arrived with the Galaxy Note 5. It came as a stylus on the side of the smartphone and could be used on the Note 5 even when the display was off. Sounded fancy enough.

LifeStyle 15

In comparison, the Apple Pencil came along with the 12.7 inch iPad Pro that was just announced at their 2015 event today. Now here’s the annoying bit about the Apple pencil – you have to buy it for $99, which is approximately Rs.5,000. It’s unfair, because they make an expensive iPad with this new stylus and then don’t even give you the full stylus in one set. It’s like buying an iPhone without the battery.

iPad Pro Pencil Keyboard 8

Moving on, we see that the Apple Pencil is charged by directly plugging it into the iPad Pro while the S-Pen is independent. The problem with that is, that you already have a 12.7 inch iPad and if one has to charge the pencil, that too will be attached to the length of the iPad. So how does one fit it in their bag pack? Seems uncomfortable. That being said, it has a battery life of this novel Pencil is 10-12 hours and it gives you 30 minutes of usage with just 15 seconds of charge. That seems grudgingly, impressive.

The Apple pencil doesn’t really have a ‘wrong side’ either, so you can write using both side. Whereas, you can use the S-Pen only on the ‘right side’. Not just this, you can draw lines of varying thickness depending on how much pressure you apply and you can even shade if you tilt the pencil and use it at a slant.

Now all we’re waiting for is to get our hands on the Apple ‘Stylus’ (and the iPad Pro) to tell you if it really lives up to the hype.

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Rachel Issac
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  • RichDavis9

    Invertex RichDavis9  Sorry, but I don’t care about what you THINK it does and how it works.  The professional graphics artists that I have read about their experience, said that they preferred the Apple Pencil, it has far less lag than the S-Pen, Wacom, and the Microsoft Pen. 

    The professionals that I read about said that the Apple has no perceivable latency, for which the Cintiq has and that’s one of the reasons why they are ditching their Cintiq for the iPad Pro.

  • RichDavis9

    ColdSpring1 RichDavis9 Invertex But the S-Pen is not a very good stylus for the professional graphics crowd.  I’m sure for simple note taking, it’s probably just as good as anything else, but it’s not something the professional graphics crowd is going to want to use.   The Apple Pencil only takes a very small amount of time charging to be useful..

  • Invertex

    RichDavis9 Wrong. The way Wacom pens and this pen work is through a magnetic sensor array inside the display/tablet. Inside of the pen is a ferromagnet coil, the magnetic sensor array is able to detect the position of this ferromagnet with high precision, and when you press down on the pen-nib, it alters the magnetic field, and the sensor are able to determine pressure by that, up to 2048 pressure levels on the professional devices.

  • ColdSpring1

    RichDavis9 Invertex If you open an S-pen you will find no battery.  That’s because there is no charging needed.  It’ draws power continuously from the em field generated by the screen.  S-pen is simply brilliant, never having “opps my Apple pencil is out of charge, bummer” moment.

  • ColdSpring1

    That’s non-sense.  Tremendous number of people use wacom stylus.  You are just totally ignorant Apple fanboy.

  • RichDavis9

    At least it’s not the size of a golf pencil, it’s meant to mimic and feel more like a real writing instrument that people are familiar with than something that doesn’t feel natural. Try it before you knock it.

  • RichDavis9

    Invertex It charges when you insert it inside, there is electronics inside the S-Pen. That’s what I read in another article and they opened up the guts inside.  You have to have power to the device somehow.

  • RichDavis9

    Other way around.  When someone bundles something like a Stylus, that means they are using it as a means to sell you something.  The Stylus is OPTIONAL and it’s meant more for the professional graphics crowd, not to make a cheap tablet act like something professional.

    Samsung is trying to upscale a product to make you think it’s a professional device. But stylus’ that are bundled in a product like the Samsung Notes is just a freebee item, not a high precision product.
    Here’s another’s take on the same devices and don’t be such a Android obout it.  Apple has far more experience dealing with the professional graphic artist crowd than Samsung and Samsung didn’t even deisgn it, Wacom did.  And Wacom just did it as some silly way to market a relaviley cheap low end tablet that can’t even do 4K video editing worth a damn.

    Read and weep, this site after using both says, for precision, professional tool, PENCIL. For average joe blow, S-Pen.

  • RichDavis9

    No, there’s no “i” in the product name.  Please come back when the level of maturity is higher.

  • Dev Rustagi

    They said it as the iPencil.

  • Prasoon Kumar

    Not ipencil that’s Apple Pencil like Apple watch

  • DP Somu

    you are out of mind..because you forgot apple complained against samsung for copying design and apple wins

  • Rahul Agarwal

    It’s awesome they should update it sooner as fast as possible

  • Parth Garg

    S Pen is beast and this is a toy

  • Invertex

    Your last paragraphs about the S-Pen are uninformed.
    Firstly, the S-Pen does not charge “independent”, it should be noted that it doesn’t require ANY charging EVER. Just like a Wacom pen. That is also the reason you can only use one side of it.

    It also has pressure sensitivity, 2048 levels of it to be exact, likely more than this “Pencil” has. Tilt and rotation sensitivity too.

  • Ganesh Sahane


  • Aladitto Orchid

    seriously??? u r probably out of your mind :)

  • Dev Rustagi

    Eagerly U0001f601U0001f601

  • Sarang Sharma

    Waiting for that

  • Dev Rustagi

    Yeah U0001f60e

  • Arinjay Jain

    Mi Pen ;)

  • Dipanjan Nickname

    Patent war inbound.

  • Vivek Mishra

    That thing is so big that people can play gulli danda with it…

  • DP Somu

    samsung should complain or file a case against of apple for copying the concept from samsung

  • Shourya Teja

    Gaurav Nakhat Sreenee Kurakula

  • Bikram Singh

    No one uses s-pen and ipencil will beat it in uselessness. Haha

  • Dev Rustagi

    Then, there would be a Xiaomi Pencil which would be so cheap that people would Forget about S- Pen and iPencil.

  • Anirudh Gunda

    Apple is habituated to copy Samsung/Android
    And apple taking over s-pen???? Are u posting this when u are in dreams???

  • Nachiketh Patnaik

    Gaurav Ashre