6 Things You May Have Missed During the Apple Launch

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6 Things You May Have Missed During the Apple Launch

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The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have finally been revealed. After whispered talks for weeks, Apple has delivered its latest offering and is out to be judged. While the world was watching in anticipation as to whether the rumored features and upgrades to the phone – such as camera and Force Touch – were delivered or not, we’ve decided to highlight some details and features about the other products from the launch that you may have missed out on.

1. Apple Watch to come with Facebook Messenger, iTranslate and AirStrip:




Apple has introduced the Messenger app on the watch along with an app that translates one language to another, and an app called Airstrip for healthcare providers that receives information and can differentiate between a baby and mother’s heart rate during pregnancy.

Apple has also tied up with Hermes to design new gold leather bands for the watch, which will cost the same as the Sports. WatchOS2 will release on the 16th of September.

2. iPad Pro will include the 3D4Medical app:

iPad Pro Pencil Keyboard 2

This will allows users to see 3D models of the body in real-time. This app will be particularly useful for patients and medical professionals as it allows users to view 3D images of injuries and can plan out surgeries as well. Are you willing to trust a doctor with an iPad?

3. The iPad Pro will come with an Apple Pencil and keyboard:

The new iPad Pro will feature a stylus called the Apple Pencil and so far this addition has received lukewarm reception. It also comes with a keyboard sold separately for $169,  which  magnetically attaches to the iPad.

iPad Pro Pencil Keyboard 8 iPad Pro Pencil Keyboard 0

4.The iPad Mini 2 becomes cheaper while iPad Mini 4 will come with an upgraded A8x processor:

This means that it will be able to run all of the iOS 9’s multitasking features. With an upgraded 8 megapixel rear camera, the iPad mini 4 is now very much at par with the iPad Air 2.


5. Apple TV will have a voice and touch enabled remote:

It also introduces iOS features such as weather and sports scores to the TV. It’s called TV OS “Based on iOS and built for the living room”. The TV also allows you to quick rewind 15 seconds by asking “what did she say?”. A great feature if one tends to miss out on a scene. The remote will also feature an accelerometer and a gyroscope that will detect body motions, similar to the Wii.

6. Harmonix introduced a game called Beat Sports for the Apple TV:

You hit pitches by swinging the remote, which means the remote indeed has motion control. “Beat Sports combines the joy of hitting balls with the joy of hitting notes” and can be played using the iPhone and iPod Touch as well.


Now that we’ve got the big and small covered, you can decide for yourselves whether Apple has indeed paid attention to the finer details or not. Expected to roll out their devices next month i.e, October, one will have to wait and find out if the new products are a hit. And if the past is any indication, they will be.

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