Sony Takes a Jibe at iPhone 6s Battery

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Sony Takes a Jibe at iPhone 6s Battery

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Sony tweeted an image similar to the one Apple had used for its invites to have a laugh at the expense of Apple’s newest phones. The image (below) read as: “Hey Siri, what about the battery life?”, followed by “Switch to Sony”.

The tweet also included a message which says, “A battery life worth talking about… Up to 2 days’ battery with #Xperia Z5 series SwitchToSony”. The new range of Sony’s Xperia Z5 series is indeed a formidable rival in the smartphone industry. It includes some interesting features among which high capacity batteries is an important one. Mostly around 3,000 mAh, Sony has managed to accommodate a battery of 3,430 mAh in its Z5 Premium range for phones with a physical structure as big as iPhone 6s Plus which has a battery capacity of 2,915 mAh.

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  • VinceNigel15

    transfer data between iPhone and android phones

  • Furqaan Rather

    Iphone suck at battery back up. :-/

  • Daniel Arthur

    Sony Always Rocks..

  • Kaizaad Banaji


  • Arka Biswas

    Hey siri,what about your camera? Switch to Sony,
    Hey siri,what about using in rain? Switch to Sony,
    Hey siri,what about screen resolution? Switch to Sony.

  • Akhilesh Sahu

    U0001f4adU0001f4f7U0001f3baU0001f3b6U0001f3b6= sony

  • Akhilesh Sahu

    Ohh hihg quality bending materiyal
    Vs waterproof and much more

  • Ayush Kumar

    Sony ki jali lol :p

  • Adam Luqman

    Apple = U0001f4a9U0001f4a9U0001f4a9U0001f4a9U0001f4a9
    Sony = U0001f38aU0001f389U0001f38bU0001f387U0001f386

  • Madhav Buck Arora

    sony = :poop:

  • Tanuj Kapoor

    Apple battery is enough for daily use

  • Aman Shams

    Just because maybe you bought your budget phone… When we come to comparison between any two company then we select best phone… Not budget phone, lol

  • AkashDeep Jhang

    Lol i had a sony before and its not the best

  • Aman Shams

    Sony is always best around all over the world

  • Tejas MK

    YU JYUICE 10,000mAh Power bank is out now !