This is How Much it Costs to Build the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

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This is How Much it Costs to Build the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

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Research firm IHS Technology says Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus costs $211.50 and $236, respectively, in terms of hardware. The most costly feature of the new iPhones is the 3D Touch which is marked at $52.50. This is followed by the A9 processor at $22. The 16 GB NAND flash chip is believed to cost $5.50 approximately, and WLAN module and battery are estimated around $6 and $4.50.

a iPhone 6s 3

The on board audio hardware, NFC controller, accelerometer/gyroscope, barometer and compass come in together at $18. Other miscellaneous items that include enclosures, circuit boards and connectors roughly add up to $42, along with assembly fees of $4.50 per device.

Now that you have all the required info, why wait till the 16th of October for the launch of the new iPhones? Tinker away and put your own device together. Who knows where a little bit of ambition and optimism might take you?

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  • Udit Uchil

    People learn from their mistakes. 6s is a lot stronger

  • Udit Uchil

    Samsung ka bhi toh #pengate hai. Voh bhi toh bol

  • Chinmay Salvi

    In case of 6/6 plus
    A design that costs so much ( as you say Udit) and is a failure #bendgate

  • Udit Uchil

    Arre but voh component cost hai. Who will take into account the designing, setting up manufacturing units, marketing , prototyping, paying employees and stuff.
    These r the stuff u guys oversee.

  • Garry Shinde

    That is a cost of Innovation you dumb idiots; they spend millions of dollars to research new things so think again when you feel that they are ripping you off!
    That is why people buy iPhones, brand value ftw!

  • SudeepSinghRawat

    hey body what are that code??

  • SudeepSinghRawat

    you have tell the cost of the hardware.
    what is the cost of the software?? and the coast of he people who has done Rand D on that?? 
    And you are real tech person then you should know that cost of mind is much bigger than cost of whole body

  • Govardhan CoreLogic Mane

    Give us more specific details and a thousand poor men and women and we will definitely build one too Bharat.U0001f61d

  • Madhan Kumar

    No he is fraud brainwashing stupid guy!

  • Anup Ar

    but it takes a Chinese personnel to assemble it “made in china”U0001f383

  • Tushar Kakkar

    and with mass manufacturing this cost is reduced 10x, so iphone costs 1/100th the cost you pay

  • Chandra Shaker

    I brought apple then i realized i need vitamins.

  • Hassan Ali

    Farjad Ali check kr bhai

  • Anand Kishore

    where d dislike option

  • Anunay Mandal

    what is the value of the old uncle….scrap operating system of apple=0 :P waste of money…….=apple

  • Raja Zeeshan

    I pay 90000 for 6 plus original American

  • Chinmay Salvi

    Udit Aur lo

  • Shubham Sane

    Ripping customers off

  • VirenChugh

    You did not add up the research and manpower that went in the designing of the device……but even then the cost price will be half the selling price!

  • Vaibhav Sharda

    Thats what the govt wants you to think.

  • Ashish Gupta

    U0001f627U0001f628U0001f62dU0001f62dkya hoga mera!! Yr shai me apple toh ash kr rhi h!! Hopefully price would remain same as apple promised !! Otherwise U0001f608

  • Saksham Bhati

    Ashish Gupta 600 dollar ka profit U0001f633

  • Sandeep Raju P copy past from AppleInsider :P

  • SandeepRajuP

    @igyaan copy past from AppleInsider :P

  • Akhilesh Goveas

    No authenticity of the post

  • Jayraj Katira

    My favourite Shouryam Upadhyaya

  • Prabhakar Singh

    agar ye 14k me banta hai to 14-15k me bikne walw phone kitne me bante honge

  • Ankur Khankhoje

    Still i don’t give a sh!t..
    Android rocks..

  • Piyush Goyal

    Stop trolling iGyaan -_-
    Anyway answer
    how should we tinker and make our own devices?
    if we could anyway why would apple outsource their manufacturing?
    time waste post

  • Muhammad Danish

    Yup iphone cheep bakwasa pasa zaya karna wala box U0001f606

  • Daniyal Sattar

    ???? ????? Faizan Gulfam Kaleem Shah Vesah Pirzada it cost only 14000rs n baki profir ???

  • Manav Sighat

    This might cost around $250 and Apple pockets the rest. Unlike Samsung, they must be costing like a 100 bucks

  • Muhammad Moazzam

    iphone is iphone…..

  • PaVan Raj

    And get a clarity of 3gp video U0001f602

  • Ayeman Ahmed

    $211 and $236 for Iphone 6 and Iphone6s resp.
    Saved you a click!

  • Tushar Dixit

    Touch screens were there way before iPhone came in, but in iPhone 1 he marketed it like he was God.
    Android users have been using SwiftKey for years. Yet in iPhone 6, it was presented like a miracle. Android offers quad core and 4 GB ram for half the price at what apple sells dual core. Marketting genius.

  • Ankit Chaudhari

    banav naa maag

  • Vivek Tiwari

    Yes. Jobs was a genius. He would sell people bislery as iWater at 100rs per bottle and they’d buy it.

  • Rutuja Chaudhari

    Ankit Chaudhari this will cost i-phone 6s for 14000 only!!!!

  • Viraj Shinde

    You should consider the huge overhead cost they incur

  • Ujjwal Konar

    Price for new composition and technology , when any one beat it price cut starting .

  • Tushar Dixit

    Well, in most gadgets, around 50% cost is for warranty, and Apple provides good after sales support. Keep that in mind. Still there is a hell lot of margin because they targetted the PREMIUM segment. Jobs was a genius.

  • Rohit Agarwal

    bt how much it costs to build up a industry ??

  • Ankur Tekriwal

    Iphone is an overpriced and overhyped piece of shitt!

  • Yatindra Agrawal

    This is only prime cost. So actual profit is much lower than you are thinking.

  • akashvshetty


  • Bipin Devaiah

    Endorsement is were all the money is spent

  • Akshay Grover

    Abhishek Mittal and thats what i call a profit U0001f602

  • Saahib Jairath

    Profit of $400 on each phone U0001f626 . Bizarre!!!!

  • Aowlad Hossain Aryan

    How much is price

  • Tejit Sampat

    And people are crazy about it. And pay 3x tyms more U0001f44fKhushi Jain Kushal Gajaria Aditi Gajaria

  • Nikhil Banger

    Profit Level Over 90000000!