Travellers Asked to Declare iPhone 6s on Arrival in India

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Travellers Asked to Declare iPhone 6s on Arrival in India

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Those trying to get their hands on the latest iPhones from abroad via the grey route market could land in deep trouble. Also, those who bring in the phones from outside into India without paying duty are likely to be fined.

Mumbai Customs has seen a growth in the number of iPhones 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smuggled into the country. Since the 25th of last September, around 200 handsets have been seized at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai from foreign returning passengers.

iPhone 6s 0

“We seized 200 of the latest iPhone models, valued at Rs 1.23 crore, over the last week. They were being smuggled into India by fliers from Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Dubai, etc. We have increased screening of baggage, besides profiling of passengers,” said Milind Lanjewar, Additional Commissioner, Customs.

Customs has issued a press release informing fliers to “voluntarily declare iPhones to customs on arrival.” They also warned that passengers picked up from the Green Channel will be liable to pay a fine, and those carrying iPhones in commercial quantities are likely to be arrested.

“For goods above Rs 45,000, technically passengers have to declare but most people are not aware of it. A duty of 36% is levied on the amount above this limit,” Lanjewar said. This means that duty will be levied if a passenger is carrying even a single iPhone, if the value of it exceeds Rs. 45,000.

India prices released by Apple distributor Ingram Micro on Tuesday pegged the 16 GB iPhone 6s at Rs 62,000 and the 16 GB iPhone 6s Plus at Rs 72,000 with successive variants having higher price tags. Basically, all the prices exceed the permissible free duty limit.

iPhone 6s 7

“As the models are still to be launched in India, passengers are trying to smuggle these iPhones for monetary benefit by sale through grey market,” the authorities have said.

Other parts of the country are also tightening the noose and are on the look out for more such cases, which is expected to rise with only 10 days to go before the official launch in India. Apple has sold over 13 million units of these phones since the launch across US, UK, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Singapore.


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  • Salman Shaikh

    Lovely..!! Catch up by next week..! Aite..!!

  • Aayush Sharma

    Just got home..

  • Aayush Sharma

    Safe and sound in India..

  • Shourya Teja

    Thanks Sunny Mohanty :)

  • Sunny Mohanty

    No issues at all

  • nalin08

    Moronic rule in the first place…….should be amended……

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  • Ameya Chaudhari

    Is this true?? Was planing to do same.

  • Shwet Garg

    Yash bhai ab to india se hi lioU0001f602

  • Dey Anand

    Jitesh Kumar iphone 6 64 gb where at this price ? Any link mate ?

  • Jay Sharma

    Ohkay, but the post says, if you have any items above 45000 you need to declare it and pay 36% taxes. Your friend got away with that it seems.

  • Royston Pereira

    Thanks for the info…but i dont have money….U0001f61cU0001f606U0001f61c…but these are illegal iPhones….if u have receipt plus valid bill then its not a problem at all. My frnd just brought it. With no issues..she got two 6s

  • Jay Sharma

    Royston Pereira Bach ke rehna if planning to buy a new iPhone :P.. #iPhoneusersproblems

  • Jitesh Kumar

    Iphone4s 16gb @ 9700
    Iphone 4s 32gb @ 11000
    Iphone5 16gb @ 16500
    Iphone5 32gb @ 17000
    Iphone5s 16gb black @ 22500
    Iphone5s 16gb gold @ 24000
    Iphone6 64gb gold @ 44000

  • Shourya Teja

    My cousin was going to send me one from USA . Will it be a problem then?

  • Abhi Saha

    its alrdy bng sold in Gaffar Market, New Delhi

  • Tapan Bhanot

    Lol the custom must concentrate on drugs and criminals and not a typical iPhone user. Lol

  • Prateek Gupta

    I want to save 20k.. That’s y I am asking… From where can I buy?

  • Ankit Chawla

    Coming to India on 16th

  • Vishal Khedkar

    Taxes everywhere! So many types and forms of taxes we Indians pay. And where does it all go? Allowances for ministers!
    They should also keep a check on the air that flows from other countries to India and from India to elsewhere. And catch anyone who brings air in their lungs, also accuse other nations of sending their air to India, without paying customs. -_-

  • Prateek Gupta

    From where can I buy it?

  • Ankit Chawla

    US price for 64GB 6s – 800 USD or 52,000 rupees. Same variant Indian price – 72,000 rupees

  • Ankit Chawla

    hahaha there is a 20,000 rupees difference bro, what are you smoking?

  • Shubham Kumar Nayak

    I think it is already available in India, not sure about the reputation of the site though.

  • Prateek Gupta

    Doesn’t matter.. Price is almost same here and there.. Better to get from Indian store…saving 10k or something from getting it from other country is not a sign of rich person.. Lol

  • Prince Yahya

    Tell me price