iPhone 6s Sales Dubbed As ‘Disappointing’ By Reports

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iPhone 6s Sales Dubbed As ‘Disappointing’ By Reports

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Pacific Crest, an investment bank, revealed on Sunday that the latest Apple smartphone has so far sold less than the expected number analysts had in mind. The expected numbers are around 76 million while the shipments so far have been of around 67 million iPhones.Apple+Store

Within three days of its launch on 25th September, Apple had gone ahead to make an official statement of how the sales have been unprecedented in the history of iPhones with 13 millions devices sold by 28th September. In the light of these claims, Pacific Crest’s report comes as a surprise. The company claims that Apple has seen a drop in the demand of the phones since then, resulting in reduced orders being placed by Apple to its suppliers. Pacific Crest commented on it and said:

“In contrast to the launch of the iPhone 6 last year, we note: … less than 10% of the carrier stores we surveyed have been sold out of iPhones; last year, carriers didn’t have iPhone stock on hand until November…almost all carriers surveyed indicated that iPhone 6s sales were down y/y, compared to the iPhone 6.”

iPhone 6 had sold as much as 74.4 million devices, giving Apple the most profitable quarter any tech company had ever seen. Things don’t seem to be following the same pattern this year. Let’s see how the numbers stand for Apple by the end of this year.

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Makes Sense

When you realize Rose Gold looks exactly like when you drop Strawberry/Rose syrup on an aluminum tabletop.

Rohit Singh

I hope Apple learns a lesson.

Nawaz Sagri

That’s what happens when you charge ur customers 20000 extra for touching ur phones forcefully

Amit Chorge

That’s what will happen if u sell mobile phones as costly as a bike..

Karanveer Singh

Akash Gosain told you


Sales may be less this Year for iPhone 6S in India as the expected cost by many individuals was around 52000 – 55000 Rs but it went upto Rs 62000 which is almost half the yearly salary of a average earner. I hope the prices of Older iphones come down soon.

Saiprasad Prabhu

Yes 13Million In A Weekend(Approx) Is Dissapointing

Pawan Balani

Time for price cut then :-P

Prashant Agrawal

Meizu m2 ka review de do yr