Siri Beats Google Now and Cortana in Accuracy Tests

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Siri Beats Google Now and Cortana in Accuracy Tests

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Ever wondered who will take the cake in a face-off between Siri, Cortana and Google Now? You are not the only one if you have because a company called Experts-Exchange in the US thinks just like you. The three virtual voice activated personal assistants were put to a test where they were asked four questions each and given three tasks to complete. The participants had to keep a record of the follow-up question each assistant required and closely watch for accuracy.ios 7

The following questions were made part of the test:

  • Who won the Super Bowl in 1978?
  • How many calories in a muffin?
  • Where can I buy tires?
  • When is “Kung Fu Panda 3” coming out?

The three tasks that the virtual assistants were supposed to perform included:

  •  Ask your phone to set an appointment
  • Turn the Wi-Fi setting on
  • Send a text message.

In terms of the stats, when the first question was asked about the Super Bowl in 1978, Siri answered correctly 95.3% of the times, satisfying 86.1% of the participants. Google Now answered it correctly 88% of the times, and 80% of the times it responded with a web search. As far as Cortana goes, the wrong answer was given a mere 3.3% of the times. CortanaHero

When asked to set an appointment, Siri once again took the lead by being correct 92.3% of the times, satisfying 89.2% of the users. This was followed by Google Now being correct at 81.3% and satisfying 80% of the users. Cortana came in last with 73.3% and 70% respectively.

The total number of satisfied users for the three virtual assistants were 81% for Siri, followed by Google Now at 68% and Cortana at 57%. Siri also had the lowest number of incorrect answers, and found itself in a tie with Google Now for having least answers that were responded with a web search. google-now-sign

While the test results should be a matter of concern for Google and Microsoft, it should be noted that there was a certain pattern that both, virtual assistants as well as participants, followed. People living in the Western states seemed more satisfied with Siri than those living in the Eastern parts of the country. Conversely, Google Now and Cortana saw themselves faring better with people from Eastern states.

Also, follow-up questions with Google Now and Cortana were twice as much for women as men. On the other hand, Siri asked more follow-up questions with men than with women.  This suggests a pattern and structure in the manner the questions were put forth by both men and women.

Have you ever conducted a similar face off? Which is your favourite virtual voice activated personal assistant? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Malik Bagwala

    Not true bro..I have tried it l..Google now works better…cortana is the SHRPEST of three…

  • Anirudha Deshpande

    Baap to baap hota hai……….

  • Mohit Devda

    Me bhi to sirf bta hi rha tha :-P

  • Nikhil Widhani

    U0001f601 tu serious ho gaya me test results bata raha tha
    I agree google now accent understanding is better

  • Mohit Devda

    Nikhil Widhani But Google Now is best for Indian Accents…both siri and cortana cannot beat that

  • Milan Shah

    Have you EVER used Robin Magnifis? It can beat the Sh*t out of Siri!

  • Abhilash Madhav

    coz its by Apple and apple means the eye of Steve Job’s perfection

  • Kavi VT

    And we have to believe this post. Lol. I am using both siri and Google now. Not sure about cortana though.

  • Rajeev Kushwaha

    Lol ur test r as good as Bangladesh being number 1 test team

  • Sahil Tribhuvan

    anytime siri beats google now …its jus hopeless

  • Ayush Agrawal

    BS. I’ve used both Google Now and Siri. Google Now easily beats Siri’s recognition everytime. Could be the accent though.

  • Ravi Nirmal

    Samsung on5 bakvaas Camera and display touch not responsive

  • Rohit Andley Mathur

    I agree Siri is best! Have tried all and find cortana 2nd best though!

  • Aizaz Ahmed Mustafvi

    2 cores but results are more thn 8 cores

  • Toufiq Khan

    Compare 2 cores to 8 cores 3gb ram ram

  • Aizaz Ahmed Mustafvi

    ye to h jni

  • Toufiq Khan

    Jani ab who is that free to use siri. :p

  • Ritesh Sanghvi

    Don’t you all see the “i” in iGyaan as in iPhone ka “i” ? They are obsessed and biased towards apple products…

  • Osama Mirza

    I don’t believe it..i have personally tested all,,, cortana , then google now, then comes siri

  • Santhosh Kumar Baskaran

    Haha what do you expect from “iGyaan” U0001f61c
    Android Authority showed real world test between the 3. Go watch that U0001f603

  • Vishal Maheshwari

    iGyan name is enough :p

  • Md Nawed

    cortana 3rd? seriously!?

  • Naveen Mohan

    Tarun.. You were saying..?

  • Raju Radhakrishnan

    Fanboys b like … Apple paid iGyaan ….
    If the reports were d other way …. Apple sucks ….
    Either ways negative comments r for Apple lols …

  • Shubham Dhurve

    I sense bias towards Apple.

  • Fiza Arif

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  • Fiza Arif

    ? Bijli Sy B Taiz Bot Hai Mera ?
    Add CLose ? Me Done #Wall_Post ?
    ? Powered By Ru Dy Momal ?
    Join Our Grp