Samsung and LG Smartphones to Not Have 4K Displays in 2016

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Samsung and LG Smartphones to Not Have 4K Displays in 2016

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There have been a lot of talk around whether Samsung and LG are planning to embrace Ultra HD (4K) panels for its smartphones in 2016. Latest reports from iNEWS has stated that Samsung in particular will stick with QHD (2560 by 1440) panels due to lack of 4K content in the market. Another report suggests that LG is pulling out too.

Another reason behind this decision is perhaps the overheating issues and power efficiency with 4K panels from LG Display and Samsung Display. Samsung would have benefited from 4K displays for its smartphone as would have worked well its Gear VR headset. However, the population for Gear VR users is still mighty low as of now, which is why Samsung deemed it unnecessary.

Galaxy S6 Edge + plus iGyaan 27

What these companies are planning to do instead is try to improve on its existing displays in power draw and outdoor visibility, especially the 1440p panels that are expected in next year’s flagships. Currently, Sony is the only phone manufacturer with 4K display resolution in the market.

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  • Rehman A Mughal

    Yes its coming just wait and watch…..S7 is comming with 4k display…..and will become 1 first phone of 4k resolution….just wait

  • Ci Jean

    meko chahiye 4K!! ;)

  • Awais Ahmed

    No its not

  • Tapan Bhanot

    They are pointless in those tiny screens anyways. Sucks battery big time. Good decision first time in their life.. Lol

  • Rehman A Mughal

    Hold……S7 is comming with 4k resolution display.

  • Kartikay Sharma

    I can’t even tell difference between high end phone with 720p and 1080p

  • Akshay Shah

    4k is useless as human eye cant judge the difference in qhd n 4k display

  • Sanjeev R Aher

    Who wants it in the first place?! U0001f610

  • Raghav Batra

    Even though am a spec fanatic, anything above 1440p on a 6 inch smartphone is just waste of processing/battery power.which can be utilised in other area’s where this power will actually matter rather than just a 4k spec written on the box .

  • Parth Garg

    4k not needed please expand battery

  • Roydon PhilipDsa

    Very nice decision.. 2k is more than enough for humans… Even 1080p is crisp … They should actually use 1080p panels to improve battery and performance..

  • Awais Ahmed

    Great decision 4k on smartphones is ridiculously stupid sory Sony but no one wants to compete with your idiotic 4k display because the consumers find it useless and can’t tell the difference between 4k and quad HD.

  • Shreyansh Parakh

    4K is not at all needed. Consumes battery
    2K is more than enough

  • Keyur Bhesania

    sony already got :p

  • Ashwin Solanki

    Ok then will not look for their new releases in 2016 XD