Apple Wants to Remove iPhone Distribution Chain in India

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Apple Wants to Remove iPhone Distribution Chain in India

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Apple is all set to launch official Apple stores and the online Apple store in India. With the company steadily moving forward towards that goal, they intend to remove the current distribution layer in the market.

Sources close to iGyaan from within Apple have clarified that service and sale of all iPhones may fall back under Apple’s own command as the general approach towards service has been poor in India when compared to global standards of service.

Traditional distribution model which was adopted by importers of iPhone in India, Ingram and Reddington, end up decreasing the sale prices of the iPhone considerable within one year, which is not the case with Apple’s global sales model. Apple wants to ensure that the price protection for the customer who buys the phone at launch is equal for the customer who buys the phone six months from launch.

iPhone SE heroThe Recent launch of the iPhone SE is the biggest example of Price problems faced by the company. The iPhone SE was launched at Rs. 39000 while the iPhone 6s was available at the time for around Rs. 40000 down about Rs. 16000  from initial launch price. Apple then steadily moved to regulate the price of the iPhone in India, even though denying it, to ensure the sale of their new mid-tier iPhone SE.

Apple sees India as a large opportunity for sales, only after the US and China, and expects to be able to provide equivalent pricing as the US markets and also ensure that price does not fall by taking reins of the sales and service model in India. In a scenario like that the iPhone SE, which costs $ 399 in the US would cost Rs. 26500 in India and not Rs. 39000.



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  • Syed Yousuff Ahmed

    It shouldn’t happen

  • Talha Saad

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  • Ibrahim Bin Ahmed

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  • Sagar Gandale

    They will surely launch

  • Shoukat Ali Ali

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  • Mukul Mehra

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  • yogiayogi

    A very welcome move. This is the reason now iPhone losing it’s resale value these days, because anyone can get a brand new device at a very cheap price just after the launch of 6 months. It should not happen.

  • Nishat Malik

    Burnol is needed here bakto ki gaaf jal rahi hai haha

  • Sistla Madhukar

    Shashank Pallerla let’s move from this country -_-

  • Isha Saran

    Shivang Srivastava LoL

  • Punit Saini

    Not cow only Osama

  • Aksshay Sharma

    Will this apply on all products? What about i Mac

  • Sayantan Mandal

    Ibrahim Bin Ahmed and you’ll get a special edition with pig logo

  • Tashi Phuntsog Lachungpa

    Imma Android user so F cares….

  • Adeel Ahmad

    Baba ramdev icloud ki trha security dety hain U0001f602

  • Raunak S Pillai

    Apple u rock

  • Meenank Minnu

    Now you’ve removed distribution , tomorrow you’ll remove the phone! Hahahahahaha Die Apple !!

  • Karan H Baliga

    Rohan Srinivasan nope apple sucks

  • Mukul Mehra

    it will be nice @ibrahim if they will change their logo….. yes we are bhakt of Gow Mata, not a killer…. and we are proud of that, we love every thing around us…..

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  • Govardhan CoreLogic Mane

    This scheme does not ensure same rates as in prices of an iphone Only the rates of decrease of prices will be controlled. Apple will still be shitpensive and this policy makes sure it remains that way.

  • Govardhan CoreLogic Mane

    So basically apple wants to keep its expensive devices expensive which will further reduce its sales. No problemo.

  • Ibrahim Bin Ahmed

    One more cow logo supporter spotted

  • Na Ryan Parajuli

    No problem
    Patanjali is very soon launching a Smart Phone with flagship features and inbuilt Baba Ramdev applications .

  • prajyot22

    @igyaan Will all this lead to iPhones costing the same in India as they are in US ??

  • sandeepiroy

    igyaan This should help bringing uniform(lower) pricing to iPhones in India. If it doesn’t, due to various Other reasons, then pointless !

  • Satya Sohham Pradhan

    Got nothing more to say ? are u a fool ?

  • Satya Sohham Pradhan

    India is a poor country where a huge no. of iPhone is sold at price higher than the US -_-
    Glad to see that they will provide the phones at the rates which will be equal to the rates overseas not in excess ….
    Taking the distribution directly in own hands and stopping the present way will help the Indian iOS lovers

  • Sahil Samrat

    Something i have always wanted to hear.
    Hope it goes well and we get iphones at the same price as other countries r getting.

  • Ibrahim Bin Ahmed

    They will replace apple logo to cow logo

  • YogeshSidharth

    So what apple is trying to do is sell the phone directly and with the same pricing as US martket ? If so then the price should be less right?

  • Tushar Jain

    Yogesh Jain hope you have read it properly and slowly before suggesting him. It’s clearly mentioned that iPhones or other Apple products will be able to get priced at global levels, which won’t be possible in current model like of importers

  • Tushar Jain

    That’s actually best move for Apple and their clientele both as people will get products finally at global standard rate which is hell lot of cheaper than current prices + Apple will be able to increase its customer base exponentially and can stop eventual price declines with the products!

  • Bikram Singh

    Apple ke din beete re bhaiya.. Ab android chhayo re. U0001f602

  • Yogesh Jain

    First u read it carefully,the article don’t say that iphone will cost same in India ,it says that it won’t see decline in price for example the iphone 6s costing 40000 after 6months .so it can be fair to the customer who bought at launch for 62000. They R making stores in India ,not making iphones in India.

  • Anuraag Kanodia

    Good move apple.

  • Karan H Baliga

    Best thing I’ve heard all day

  • Rajat Garg

    First open the link and read the news properly and then comment
    Apple gonna provide the devices at prices same as being offered overseas

  • Arfan Shaikh

    It was a bound to happen.
    India pays the highest for an iPhone. You can’t expect everyone to buy a phone as costly as that.

  • Harshad Sachdeva

    india is this the largest mobile market why do they want this

  • Akshay Gangwal

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