Apple AirPods Are Wireless EarPods with 5 Hours of Wireless Audio

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Apple AirPods Are Wireless EarPods with 5 Hours of Wireless Audio

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With the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus,Apple has also launched the new Apple Airpods. A $149 accessory that will allow users to connect to the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus using the new Apple W1 chip (wireless connection chip).


Paring requires you to simply bring the AirPods close to the iPhone and select connect. The AirPods will then be available across all iCloud account devices automatically.



The Airpods offer 5 hours of continuos play and the AirPod case provides acts as an addition 24 Hours of backup battery pack.


The airpots much like the Samsung Gear IconX are truly wireless however have a traditional earphone design, more bluetooth headset like. both sides include a wireless microphone and touch controls.


The Airpods will be available late October for US $ 149 in the US market. Apple will launch the AirPods in India in November for Rs. 13499 .



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    Ho haguessim hagut de registrar…

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    I despres el gilipollas diu que ja existeixen que es mala idea… Si ho arribem a patentar a temps ens forrem U0001f621

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    Esther Andrés Salamé Paula Gomez Calbet me roban la idea de eco

  • James Howard Taylor-Turner

    What about the radiation from them… have people just forgot about that now?

  • Jakob Troy Kendall

    Teri Kendall did you hear about this? The new iPhones will have wireless headphones that you have to charge and they are getting rid of the place you plug your headphones in at.

  • Himanshu Maurya

    This only can apple

  • Ajay Beniwal

    1 kidney for phone and 1/4 for airpods.

  • Sai Srinivas

    I bought boat rockerzz 400 Bluetooth headphones worth 1200 they give a back up of 7-8 hours with HD audio and way better than regular earpods of apple

  • Rohit Singh

    Gir jayega aur Pata bhi nahi chalega lol U0001f601

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    Sonna iphone hater nu soluvangaU0001f600

  • Vigneshwar Meenakshisundaram

    Iphone is unique subi…how do u expect these kind of common things in iphone???

  • Vigneshwar Meenakshisundaram

    This earpods are inspired from emoji of earphone

  • Subash Natarajan

    Dual sim kudunga da.. indha phone na vanguren

  • Subash Natarajan

    This tech is not so great…

  • Raghu Ram

    Vigneshwar Meenakshisundaram Sathish Sash Subash Natarajan WTF..dei battery ah increase pannuga dawww

  • Atikur Rahman Jiku

    copy from samsung…lol

  • Abhishek Ahuja

    So we have to shed extra bucks for these airpods? These should be given along with the phone like they have been doing with other version?

  • Sumit Bhatia

    14000 for a pair of wireless earphones along with 70000 for iphone 7. Are you nuts Apple???

  • Jasraj Singh Bhatia

    Isme naya kya hai
    Just a copy

  • Ãshish

    Longer than the phone sorry iphone battery