Apple iPhone to Be Made in India Starting April 2017

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Apple iPhone to Be Made in India Starting April 2017

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The news is official, Apple will start to manufacture iPhones in their new Bangalore plant early April. The Taiwanese company Wistron Corp. will be doing the on ground assembly for Apple in Karnataka. The iPhones manufactured in India will be meant for the Indian market only and will not be exported at the time.

Apple in terms of manufacture has demanded a 15 year tax holiday from the government to start the manufacturing process, which is still being negotiated.

Apple will soon after launch Apple owned and operated Apple Stores in several major metropolitan cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Ahmadabad. Apple Stores will bring about reforms in Apple Care services being offered in India which suffer due to poor operation standards of Apple Resellers.

It is safe to say that Apple’s next iPhone, which is also the 10th Anniversary iPhone will be assembled right here in India for the Indian market. Whether this will affect pricing and quality standards is yet unknown.


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  • Cristino Lionel Mahadani

    Apple give me an iphone7+ to beat samsung

  • Keriann Ellis

    Cause ya know work 17 hrs out of the day on 300 calories is considered normal lol

  • Suchit Aher

    Cause they dont demand more than what is required

  • Bhaggya Vidanarachchi

    Pasindu Kulasinghe hahahahaU0001f602U0001f602U0001f52bU0001f52b

  • Shailesh Chouhan

    Thanks i waiting for a apple

  • Anas Naviwala

    Puri company hi dusre ko bechni paregiU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Anas Naviwala

    Abhi iphone ka bhi nokia jesa haal hoga

  • Rifat Hussain

    Deepan Saha Roshan Newpane Manash Pritam Manu Mishra sesh aami

  • Fawad Khan Jr.

    How i had a question in mind mind and wanted to ask but here are answers already.

  • Jignesh Rohit

    Will that make them cheaper in india?

  • Ankit Saraf

    oh.. well so the prices are gonna drop in some other country now.. U0001f44c

  • L Krishna Raaju

    I think u have seen in other angle,
    Reason for price rise- land value is higher, electricity costly, u have to give money to local politicians, goondas, rowdy, hafta yo police, funds to political parties, funds to NGO’s run by underworld don’s, political ppl, Rowdys, uff list is not complet yet

  • L Krishna Raaju

    I think they are just assembling in Bharath not actually manufacturing

  • Maliha Khan

    Woooow I wnat this…??

  • Keriann Ellis

    Thats good. Apple really likes to keep children employed in other countries.

  • Zahid Khan

    Baad me iska credit lene k liye modi man ki baat karenge

  • Prakrit Sethi

    Badi Chutiya baat ki hai aapne to U0001f602

  • Karan Nair

    Your stupid comment doesn’t make any sense wtf you are talking about ?

  • Sauraßh Ðhande

    Price kitni ghategi..

  • Avirup Kar wld that mean it will be cheaper

  • Rohit Singh

    Lets hope so :)

  • Utkarsh Jadhav

    Kahi se bhi aa jate hai…..made in India hoga toh bhi log zindagi bhar ek phone nahi use karte

  • Vivaan Raghuvanshi

    Rohit Singh because apple doesn’t have its own stores in india. It comes through import and then resellers sell it and due to import duties and distribution charges it costs more than any country. Prices will surely go down if its actually going to happen.

  • Varun Jain

    kuch bhi ?

  • Meet Patel

    Harsh Patel Meet Desai

  • Bobby Singh

    To to fir rupay bhi km hone chahiye….. Yaar

  • Vinay Krishna D Kunthe

    Cost of made in India iPhone will be more than 100000?. Because it’s made in India written in bottom

  • Gurbaj Singh

    I don’t think they are going to drop the price .. rather Apple would have higher profit for themselves due to the comparitively cheaper work force over here..

  • Keyur Bhesania

    hardware gonna be costly in new budget, so either way no price deduction in apple.

  • Rohit Singh

    How come? like Samsung s6 and s7..
    Both made in India price above 50 k

  • Ayush Singh

    Hope the price drop U0001f64f.

  • Souvik Das

    Price will be cheaper

  • Souvik Das

    Expect this year’s iPhone to start from Rs.50,000 instead of 60,000

  • Sushant Jambhulkar

    Still wont buy

  • Rohit Singh

    Directly and indirectly many Indians will get job…Don’t expect cheaper price

  • Devangshu Mandal

    Does this mean we can expect a lower MRP in the future?