Apple Mac Pro Is The Productivity Machine Apple Promised

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Apple Mac Pro Is The Productivity Machine Apple Promised

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When Apple launched the previous version of the Mac Pro a lot of prospective buyers were excited for the new “trash can” design. However, even though it turned out to be an exciting device for pro-consumers, professionals didn’t like the design or the lack of expandability. Especially since Mac Pro’s originally offered expansion and flexibility. 

Apple last year clarified that they were working on a redesigned Mac Pro that would live up to the name, and boy has Apple delivered. The new 2019 Mac Pro offers a pro focused approach towards productivity.

The Mac Pro will have Xeon processors up to 28 cores with 64 PCI lanes that will allow for ample expansion for improved graphics cards, capture cards or fast storage. Users can also use the six lane memory which is expandable up to a whopping 1.5TB. 

The new pro includes an option for the Radeon Pro Vega II, and Duo cards which were also debuted with the Mac Pro. Users can utilize the dual MPX Modules for 2 Vega II Duos to achieve 56 Teraflops of Graphics performance and upto 128 GB of Graphics Memory. 

But all these specifications are only an added plus to the new design of the Mac Pro which is clearly one of the best cpu case designs for pro usage. While aesthetically pleasing the case is designed with cooling in mind . A fully vented front and three fans at the back mean that air moves through the Mac Pro in a singular direction at all times. The open nature of the machine means users will be able to add Liquid cooling into the mix and that may end up in some improved throttle free performance. 

The case design also allows for quick all around access the machined aluminum frame sits on solid pipe frame which while reminding us of the original “cheese grater” Mac Pro, is much more simpler to access and customize. 

Apple has not held back with performance and expandability and it is evident that the company wants the professionals, movie makers and pro consumers to accept the Mac Pro back into their workflow. Expansion options will also include thunderbolt 3 ports which will allow for EGPUs and displays including the new 6K Apple Pro Display XDR. 

The Mac Pro’s Afterburner is also another feature designed to lure big video creators and movie makers. The programmable ASIC is capable of decoding up to 6.3 billion pixels per second. Which means it can live decode upto three 8K Pro Res streams. This also translates to 12 4K streams, means that production houses won’t have to rely on fast proxy media, eliminating production storage costs. 

The Apple Mac Pro is more a legend reborn, almost like a cult classic revamped. Ever since the first Mac Pro was introduced it became a staple for video editors and movie producers. Major motion pictures were created on these machines and that legacy may continue yet again for the foreseeable future.

Needless to say Apple will also allow full customization and professionals are already drooling over their favorite specification builds. The Mac Pro will ship in fall and will be available to customize from Apple’s website. In India the Apple Mac Pro will be available in certain pre-configured builds, but Apple is working on bringing full  customization to India, and we might see that soon. 

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