Rumor : RIM is ready to bring BBM to iOS and Android

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Rumor : RIM is ready to bring BBM to iOS and Android

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As we reported earlier HERE . Several different sources are confirming that RIM may just be ready to bring the BBM goodness to the iOS and Android operating systems. It will come as a messaging only app and not the full featured messenger on the Blackberry itself, But, it gives an end to the long awaited interconnectivity b/w BB folks and Apple Lovers. The Android version should be out in the near future, or within this year atleast. The iOS version may depend on how Apple approval system looks at the whole interface in the first place.

On both ends Pricing of the app remains unknown. So feel free to speculate on how much the app should be.

[Boy Genius Report]

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  • Vaibhav

    If they do this, they’re digging their own grave. Look around you, what is the prime reason that most people are buying blackberries? BBM is the only reason! People in the US (including most engadget commenters) where shocked when RIM announced their results. They don’t know how well RIM is doing in other parts of the world and the sole reason is BBM. Blackberries have the least features in terms of hardware for the price, and apps too. Not to mention the atrocious pricing for BB data plans! If BBM (full fledged) is available on other platforms, Blackberry is doomed!

    Then again, I’m very sure that there is more to it. BBM works using a hardware based BB PIN and only on BB encrypted data plans. So, they probably do have something more up their sleeve!

    • You are missing some key points. I’m not sure about other cities, but in Toronto, literally everyone has a bb; at least 90% of people. Now, to communicate with this many people in such an efficient way makes bbm more than just a mesenger like kik or even msn, it becomes its own social network complete with bcms and bbm groups. This is more than just an app, it is arguably the most important feature of the phone besides the calling function. Now, would I pay $50 to add bbm to my android? Yup. Because I’m now paying $50 for a much better phone. Think of it as asking, would you pay $50 to add sms to your phone? Sms seems almost standard, but that’s how bbm is becoming. So to add that feature, I’d pay much more than just a dollar, because I only bought my blackberry for bbm, so why wouldn’t I spend a mere fraction of that to add that functionality to my much superior android? Right now I carry around both phones, and as soon as blackberry realizes how smart this is and puts it on the market, I will buy it and sell my bold. Imagine how much money rim could make when bbm becomes like the mobile facebook, as all iphones and androids have bbm. Rim could even make deals with companies to have it preinstalled. It’s over all a really good idea for rim to do this, because otherwise, it would only be a matter of time before something like ping started dominating, and everyone sold their blackberries to get iphones.