iPhone 6 leaked: 4.7 inch screen, New Design with an All Metal Back

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iPhone 6 leaked: 4.7 inch screen, New Design with an All Metal Back

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If you were waiting to get your eyes on the new Apple iPhone 6 before its launch, this is your best bet right now on what its going to look like. This latest leak comes courtesy, who showed off photos of a phone that resembles the 1st generation iPhone, but is actually bigger and slimmer than the iPhone 5s.

Previous rumors have always mentioned a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 from Apple, along side other upgrades like a faster processor and NFC capabilities. Till now we have  mostly seen mockups of the alleged iPhone 6 (see top), which have sort of been confined to a slightly bigger size and lesser bezel.

Reports also mention a 5.5 inch Apple Phablet headed for launch somewhere in the latter part of the year, which some how seems unlikely.

Apple’s strong change in design is expected as the company changes the appearance every second year since the launch of the iPhone 3G. Whether this will or won’t be the next iPhone is surely unknown at the moment, and Apple is hell bent on keeping it that way especially since the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID sensor was heavily leaked prior to launch.

Apple has also closed down their leaks from accessory manufacturers, that we have seen in the past years, hinting towards a more secretive launch than we have seen in the past. However the next iPhone aka the iPhone 6 is a few months from being launched and we might have a lot happen in this time frame.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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  • CatherineKylie

    Apple said to be working on mobile problem is:

  • Manas Bhattacharjee

    Hah ! Thats an “ouch” for me !

  • Dhiraj Barnwal

    Too less I guess for such a magnificent piece of s?h?i?t? work

  • Soham Ghosh

    Totally Fake.iPhone 6 Will 4.3 Inch At Most.It Would Have Been Better If Samsung Galaxy S5 Had This Design.

  • Pramath Parag Kelkar
  • MaNish MaNdal

    70 thau INR from………

  • Prashanth Kumar

    Looks so fake. Dislike!

  • Šmärtÿ Rïšhäßh

    Fake … .. .

  • Nakul Fauzdar

    Madhav,tu video se hi kaam chala…

  • Shashi Pratap

    So much like the Ipod touch 5th generation.

  • Zafir Hussain

    f********ing fake

  • Madhav Singh Msk

    mmere pas pura video pada h

  • Arup

    Planning to buy iPhone 4 and iPhone 6 gonna release.. haha

  • Deep Cheema

    Dats some other android phn not iphone6

  • Manas Bhattacharjee

    Price 1 lac INR ? May be ?