Apple Reveals New Tech Which Will Further Bolster iPhone’s Camera Quality

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Apple Reveals New Tech Which Will Further Bolster iPhone’s Camera Quality

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Apple is filing for a new patent, in an attempt to further bolster the performance of its image quality. The patent has been filed for a technology called “Mirror Tilt Actuation”, that allows users to take high quality pictures even if they aren’t holding their handset steady.

Apple believes this new technology will be a further improvement over the existing OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) technology that the company used in its iPhone 6 Plus for the first time.

So, how would this work?

According to Apple Insider, the camera would include a ‘folded optics arrangement,’ in which light would enter the lens and mirror assembly through a first lens. The light would then be redirected with a mirror at a right angle, where it would be sent to the remaining movable lens elements. To compensate for a user’s hand movement and any jitters in picture taking, Apple’s camera would include an actuator for tilting the mirror according to movement of the iPhone.

Put simply, Apple wants to pull-off a mechanism in the camera that will sync the camera’s mirror with the movement of your hands to make sure the picture quality is maintained even if your hand is shaky.

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