Apple Watch Edition is Officially the Most Expensive Smart Watch

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Apple Watch Edition is Officially the Most Expensive Smart Watch

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Apple has lifted curtains on the new Apple Watch and different elements variations including the aluminum version Apple Watch Sport which starts at US$ 349 for  the 38mm and US$ 399 for the 42MM versions. The Apple Watch made from a custom version of stainless steel forged using special alloying techniques starting for a price of US$ 549 for 38mm and US$ 599 for the 42mm version, the strap you select will affect the pricing of course.

The Apple Watch Edition, aka the pure solid gold edition, available in a block of 18 carat yellow, or rose gold will go on sale starting at a whopping price of US $ 10,000 for the 38mm version, and the price will only increase as per the edition you decide to buy.

apple watch gold

The Apple Watch edition is set to target the high-end watch market, mainly from the name brand watches, the likes of Omega and Tag Heuer will see a shift in buying from the users.

The biggest reason, watch enthusiasts would stay away from smart watches would be the general availability of smart watches vs the exclusivity and high end precision with which the traditional watches were made.

With Apple creating a similar market for the Watch Edition, making it available in select quantities and in select stores across the world. Apple is basically pinging the high end watch lovers.

apple watch edition

The question however remains; Would a high end watch enthusiast drop his/her precision hand made watch that potentially would never need a charge for a watch that would require to be charged daily?

Will the Apple Watch Edition end up being a high price novelty? Especially considering that we might see a new version in about 365 days of launch.

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