What We Can Expect From iOS 9

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What We Can Expect From iOS 9

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With the much awaited Apple Developers Conference that is ready to kickstart tonight (10:30 pm IST) the world awaits the unravelling of new features and software updates. While we wait for the formal announcements, here is a list of 7 updates that we might get to see in iOS 9.

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1. Proactive to Stay True to its Name


Siri and the Spotlight search are set to undergo changes that will make them ‘Proactive,’ which is currently what the update is tentatively named. It is touted to become an extremely efficient personal secretary. According MacWorld, the update will be able to “offer a range of additional information and features based on user habits and intelligent contextual prediction.”

This means that Proactive’s interface will firstly, be able to open from the left of the home screen and will also come in the form of a pull down which is how Spotlight opens right now. Furthermore, it will access information that is most suited to your needs based on the kind of apps you use on a daily basis or depending on what time you use them. For example, if you wake up in the morning and access Facebook or Instagram or if you browse through it, before you go to bed, Proactive will have a small bubble that will appear on your home screen, that will allow you to access a particular app/ contact etc in just one tap. It not only serves as a good reminder, but also keeps a track of your everyday needs.

2. iCloud


[pullquote_right] iCloud Drive syncing should lead to faster syncing between the apps as well as stronger security (thanks to the system’s end-to-end data encryption) [/pullquote_right]

Apple will be syncing all IMAP-based apps from iCloud instead of the IMAP back end. While it hasn’t been clear as to which apps will be synced, one can assume it will include Notes, Reminders and Calendar. Macworld says, “iCloud Drive syncing should lead to faster syncing between the apps as well as stronger security (thanks to the system’s end-to-end data encryption).”

Apple also plans to make iCloud easily accessible by introducing a new iCloud Drive app for users. This app would let you directly get to your stored files and folders and will be a huge convenience. While Mac owners can access the App through its finder, iPhone and iPad users currently don’t have the easier way out, yet.

3. ‘Rootless’ to get Ruthless

Redmond Pie reports that this system “is aimed at preventing even administrator-level users from gaining access to certain file systems on an iPhone, iPad or Mac

This might be terrible news for jail breakers but doesn’t make a difference to normal users. The security system called ‘Rootless’ is set to become extremely strict and will not allow the device to be easily broken into. Therefore, if you were planning on  buying an Apple device from anywhere outside India and unlocking it in our country, think twice. It’s going to be very tough to do so.

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Rootless is expected to be announced at the WWDC 2015 but, it will be a while before it shows up as an update.

4. ‘Swift’ Language Programming to be Updated


Although this news is more for app developers, we might eventually benefit from this update too. Swift that was introduced in iOS 8 is speculated to embed code libraries into the iOS itself rather than into Swift based apps. While, this might mean a larger iOS file to install, it will also avoid the duplicating of data and therefore create more space on your device.

5. HomeKit

apple home automation

We expect to see the Homekit app which is likely to be called ‘Home’, and will operate on iOS 9. Thus, we will be able to control all our home appliances without looking at them and will be able to turn off our electricity while sitting at work. This is going to turn out to be an extremely useful component to have on your Apple device and we can’t wait for it to be formerly executed.

6. Public Transport Direction in Maps

apple maps

After the criticism that Apple maps faced, the Redmond giant has done a lot to try and improve their Maps as well as give tough competition to its daunting rival; Google Maps. Even after that though, directions and durations through public transport have been unavailable. Now, with iOS 9, we are likely to see the inclusion of Public Transport in Apple Maps. This service  will witness a lag in countries other than the USA.

7. Contact Availability

In the past there has been backlash about the ‘Delivered’ and ‘Read’ option, thanks to iMessage. If that wasn’t enough, we now might get to see a particular contact’s phone status (that is, Switched Off, Airplane Mode) as well as the availability of our friends and families, who also own iPhones. Don’t worry too much, this is said to be optional for both parties.

Along with the updates mentioned above, we also expect to see the iOS 9 to have more speed and stability, a problem which some users previously struggled with with the previous iteration. While we continue to speculate, watch this space for more information and updates on the WWDC 2015.

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