Apple Rumour: iPhone 7 to Have OLED Display

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Apple Rumour: iPhone 7 to Have OLED Display

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iPhone 7 is still a year away, but that has not stopped the rumour mill working day and night to bring you every little piece of speculated news. Earlier, there were rumours that the upcoming flagship device from Apple will lose the home button. Now, we have fresh rumours regarding the screen of the iPhone 7.

According to AppleInsider, the iPhone 7 will sport an OLED display thereby giving up on LCD display that it has relied on so far. Apple followers will know that the Apple watch is the only Apple device to sport an OLED display currently. In 2013, Tim Cook has expressed his distaste for the OLED displays calling them “awful” when it came to colour saturation.

However, it looks like Tim Cook may have changed his opinion now. One reason behind this change could be that OLED displays have improved considerably since they were first introduced. OLED offers a deeper black and can do without a backlight, which means that devices can be slimmed down. It is clear that Apple will look to make it’s upcoming flagship sleeker, slimmer, and perhaps wider than its predecessors, and an OLED display will certainly help with that.



As of now, LG has been supplying Apple with OLED displays for the Apple Watch and will probably do so for the upcoming iPhone as well. Meanwhile, Samsung is also trying to become a supplier for Apple’s wearable device and reports suggest the Korean manufacturer also wants to supply displays for the iPhone 7 and has already shown some sample OLED display panels for Apple to consider.

Samsung’s OLED displays have been praised over the past few year while Apple’s displays have been wanting. Switching from LCD to OLED will undoubtedly give users a better visual experience with the iPhone 7. Apple has yet to confirm the reports. A concept video of the iPhone 7 was posted by FreeMind. The actual device may be far from it, but the concept does look good. Follow this space for all the latest news on the iPhone 7.

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