Google Paid Apple $1Billion in 2014 to Keep Search Engine on iOS

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Google Paid Apple $1Billion in 2014 to Keep Search Engine on iOS

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Its no secret that Google and Apple, two massive rivals, have an agreement in place which enables the search engine to be the default search provider on the iOS platform, but what is emerging right now are details of this deal born out of convenience, and the numbers involved here are staggering!

Google which makes 4 times more money from iOS users than it does from users of its own Android platform, holds the business from the Apple based devices very important to its core business, and as such it has gone to great extents to keep its search engine running on iOS devices worldwide.


According to details that have emerged in the midst of a high-profile Oracle vs Google battle in a San Fransico court,  Google has paid Apple $1 billion in 2014 as part of its ongoing deal to be the default search provider on iOS devices. The deal allows Apple’s to get a percentage of the revenue that the Google search engine generates through Apple devices. The numbers quoted for the revenue shares stands at 34%.

This is not the first time rumors about how much Google pays Apple to be on the iPhone have surfaced on the Internet. For their part, the two companies have also never commented on it, and not to anyone’s surprise, Kristin Huguet, a spokeswoman for Apple, and Google spokesman Aaron Stein both declined to comment on the information disclosed in the court of law.

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