iPhone 7 To be The End of Physical Home Button on Apple Phones

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iPhone 7 To be The End of Physical Home Button on Apple Phones

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Apple for what it’s worth is exploring ways of getting rid of the bulky home button on its future iPhones. Apple’s 3D Touch technology could be at the heart of this change if the Cupertino-based company does end up going ahead with the idea.


A new patent out of Cupertino shows how Apple might combine Touch ID fingerprint recognition and haptic feedback into a single module. The patent which was finally approved this week after 3 long years of talks shows what looks like an idea for a “Force-sensitive fingerprint sensing input.”


This will essentially mean the iPhone’s home button will not remain a physical button if and when Apple decides to implement this tech on their future handsets. Instead, it could simply merge into the rest of the flat touch sensitive surface.

Apart from the fact that it will herald an all new change in the way Apple uses home buttons on its phones, the idea of a button-less display without any capacitative buttons on it sounds pretty cool.


And if that’s not good enough for you, then try this for kicks. Apple details more features in the patent that could be possible with this new technology. The flat button space may recognize various gestures and even “near touches.” So yes, you basically interact with the button without even touching it. Don’t know about you, but we are already excited.

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