Apple Hints At September Launch of The iPhone 8 with US$ 50 Billion in Q4 Earnings

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Apple Hints At September Launch of The iPhone 8 with US$ 50 Billion in Q4 Earnings

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The rumours of delay in launch of the Apple iPhone 8 have been innumerous, but Apple’s Q3 earnings announcement suggested quite the opposite. Tim Cook said that Apple is expected to earn revenue anywhere from US $49 billion to US $52 billion in the next quarter, which ends in September.

The earnings represented by Apple are high enough to hint that the iPhone 8 may go on sale in September itself, during the fourth financial quarter.

Further to support the claims of an early iPhone 8 launch is the statement made by Tim Cook, saying that Apple would have “very exciting Fall.” He also said :

We’ve put everything we know into coming up with the guidance…we really like what we see for the beginning of the back-to-school season.”

Though nothing can be confirmed, but we certainly hope that the iPhone 8 is one of the reasons for quoting such optimistic earnings prediction. A September release would impact Apple’s Fourth Quarter revenue immensely.

That said, the earlier reports of manufacturers backing out from contracts with Apple, problems with installing few features like the Touch ID, etc have led the analysts to make a common prediction. They expect that the delays and shortage of supplies may mean that iPhone 8 will see a very limited release in September.

We have also been receiving constant updates about the next iPhone’s design, features etc. – courtesy the leaked HomePod firmware. But that doesn’t mean the redesigned iPhone is what Apple plans to release this September. There has been some speculations about Apple splitting the iPhone line by releasing theiPhone 7S in September, and the redesigned model – iPhone 8, a few months later.

These speculations could also mean that the significant earnings predicted by Apple could be from expectations of people upgrading to the rumoured iPhone lineup – iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. Or maybe Apple is banking on massive HomePod sales, either way Apple is definitely prepared for  something “very exciting” this fall.

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