Apple Executive Has A Simple Solution To Disable FaceID To Avoid Theft

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Apple Executive Has A Simple Solution To Disable FaceID To Avoid Theft

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Apple launched the real successor to the original iPhone from 2007 on September 12 at an event held in the Steve Jobs Theater. The iPhone X has a huge screen, thin bezels, and no home button. No home button meant that the beloved TouchID had to be replaced with something else. Enter FaceID. Apple has said that FaceID, unlike other facial recognition software in Android smartphones, will work under extremely dim lighting and will unlock the phone only when you look at it. How much if that is true and foolproof, only time will tell.

One of the main concerns of FaceID is theft and how just pointing the phone at the owner can unlock the phone, making it easier for thieves to steal it. Keith Krimbel, an interested customer emailed Apple SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi.

What will prevent a thief from taking my phone, pointing it at my face, and running?

A few hours later, Federighi responded. In an email, which Krimbel posted on Twitter, Federighi said

There are two mitigations: If you don’t stare at the phone, it won’t unlock. Also, if you grip the buttons on both sides of the phone when you hand it over, it will temporarily disable FaceID.

The solution seems quite simple, just squeeze the phone and disable FaceID. But, if the heat of the moment gets better of you and you’re not able to disable the function, simply close your eyes.

Here’s the full email exchange.

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