2018 iPhone Users Will Not Have Battery Life Issues

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2018 iPhone Users Will Not Have Battery Life Issues

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As smartphones get sleeker, many companies resort to making the battery size smaller in order to keep the phone thin. As the iPhone X launch craze fades away, a new report suggests that the 2018 iPhones will have a new power management system that will qualify as the “most advanced in the industry.”

It appears that Apple is designing its own power chips, which should be manufactured by TSMC, Apple’s go-to silicon supplier.

This new component will barely be mentioned in the keynote, or make the advertiser’s list of fancy features but, it is one component that can make the 2018 iPhone a much better prospect than its Android counterparts. The report goes on to say:

The in-house chip would be the most advanced in the industry, according to the sources, and could have processing capabilities that allow it to better monitor and control power consumption among various components.

With Apple resorting to in-house chip manufacturing, its current supplier Dialog Semiconductor will be sweating bullets. Last year, Apple accounted for 74% of Dialog Semiconductor’s revenue which means that this move by Apple will not be good news for the UK-based firm.

The repercussions of Apple moving to in-house chip-making are real. Earlier in 2017, it was reported that Apple had started developing its own graphics chips, which resulted in Imagination Technologies’ stock crashing immediately upon the revelation. It was later revealed that the company had sold itself to a private equity investment fund in the aftermath.

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