iOS 11.3 Finally Lets You Choose Between Battery Health And Performance

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iOS 11.3 Finally Lets You Choose Between Battery Health And Performance

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In December 2017, a series of benchmark tests revealed that Apple was deliberately slowing down older iPhones. Apple then came out and cleared the air around what was the motive behind such a drastic decision. While many conspiracy theories believed that Apple did this to force people into buying new iPhones, the reality was something different. The new iOS 11.3 update now fixes this issue.

However, Apple took full responsibility for its actions and promised to make amends. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. conceded that a future iOS update will let people choose between peak performance and battery health. And now, the new iOS 11.3 update lets users do exactly that. With iOS 11.3, users can head to the battery settings to check the battery health of their iPhone and whether it has been slowed down via software or not.

This was a necessary step for Apple and now gives a lot of control to the user. Some users would choose battery health in order to avoid replacing the old battery. However, there is a majority of people who’d rather use their iPhone to its full potential. The new feature, right now, is in its Beta mode.

How to check battery health: Settings>Battery>Battery Health (Beta)


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