Apple Wins US$ 539 Million From Samsung In The Ongoing Patent Infringement Trial

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Apple Wins US$ 539 Million From Samsung In The Ongoing Patent Infringement Trial

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Apple and Samsung have been embroiled in a long-running patent infringement battle. In the latest turn of events, Apple has been awarded a final verdict of US$ 539 million in damages. In a federal court in San Jose, the jurors awarded it the verdict, concluding that Samsung infringed on Apple design and utility patents of mobile design like rounded corners, the rim of the front face of the iPhone, and the app grid layout of the iOS home screen.

Bloomberg reports that the jury was essentially deciding whether Samsung owed Apple money based on sales of Samsung’s smartphones or the components that infringed on Apple’s patents. In a statement given to Bloomberg, Apple said:

We believe deeply in the value of design, and our teams work tirelessly to create innovative products that delight our customers. This case has always been about more than money.

It is fair to say that this might not be the final chapter in this legal battle. The case began way back in 2011 which makes it seem that it isn’t that old a case. However, the numerous appeals have made it one of the most complex patent infringement cases. Back in 2011, when Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung, it demanded US$ 2.5 billion from Samsung. In an initial verdict in 2012, that sum was reduced to US$ 1 billion.

That sum of US$ 1 billion was further reduced to US$ 549 million when an appeals court ruled that Apple could not patent the appearance of its iPhone. In 2015, Samsung agreed to pay that sum after both companies agreed to drop litigation outside of the US. In November 2017, Apple won US$ 120 million in another patent infringement case pertaining to the iOS slide-to-unlock patent. The legal battle appears to be in its closing stages but, nothing can be said for certain right now.

What started out with a US$ 2.5 billion lawsuit closes out with Samsung owing a sum of US$ 539 million to Apple. Apart from winning half a billion dollars from Samsung, this should be a significant victory for the company.

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