Apple iPhone In 2019 To Feature Triple Camera Setup With 3D Sensors

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Apple iPhone In 2019 To Feature Triple Camera Setup With 3D Sensors

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Back in early-April, there was a report about Apple incorporating a triple-camera setup on the 2019 iPhone. It appears that it wasn’t a one-off prediction as a result of boredom and this might actually happen. A new report claims that Apple will indeed use a third lens on the back of the iPhone but, for enhancing AR experience.

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The report falls in line with the April report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily News mentioning longer focal length, but says that the third lens would also be used to provide enhanced AR capabilities. Last year, Bloomberg reported that Apple would use a 3D sensor in at least one of the 2019 iPhones to provide more accurate 3D modelling with the rear cameras.

This, if true, would be an interesting take on a triple-camera setup. The report from last month essentially said that Apple would imitate the Huawei P20 Pro which hasn’t been Apple’s forte. The company has stuck to its guns and let other companies experiment with technology and only implement something new if the company feels it can perfect it. The iPhone X is a great example, wherein Apple introduced a nearly bezel-less design long after other brands had already done it. However, the iPhone X has been appreciated for its design, especially with the company eliminating the chin completely, something no other OEM has been able to do.

In 2013, Apple launched the iPhone 5s with Touch ID. Here again, the company was late to the fingerprint sensor party but, Touch ID, even on the iPhone 5s, was much more advanced than its competition. With Apple investing heavily in AR, it seems plausible that the company would want to take it to the next level with its flagship iPhone next year. However, whether the company will take this new route or just stick to software implementation for the time being is yet to be seen.

It’s May 2018 right now and certainly feels too early to predict what Apple will do in 2019. The 2018 iPhone lineup looks promising and we will see many more leaked about it once the WWDC 2018 concludes in early-June.

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