The New Apple iPhone Has A Feature Indians Will Love!

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The New Apple iPhone Has A Feature Indians Will Love!

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The new Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have a feature that the company seems to have overlooked at the launch. This is the new dual SIM capability on the iPhone XS. The dual SIM support isn’t something new, but the way Apple has implemented the feature is impressive.

A New Type Of Dual SIM:

If you refer to our unboxing video which is linked below, you know that the devices use the eSIM technology. This means that the iPhone XS and XS Max do not use two physical SIMs (except in China). Instead, there is one physical SIM and one digital SIM which is known as eSIM. The eSIM technology isn’t new as Apple had introduced it in the Apple Watch 3 which was introduced earlier this year.

This gives you the ability to register any amount of mobile numbers onto your device. Doing away with the hassle of carrying around multiple SIM cards or mobile phones. How this works is that at any given time, only 2 connections will be active on your device. One is the physical SIM and the other is the eSIM of your choice. Whenever you want to change over to any other connection, you can just simply change the settings and voila! You’re on a new network.

This feature is immensely useful for people who need to use more than two numbers and those who travel a lot. The eSIM feature can be used while travelling overseas too. You can just switch to your preferred provider when you arrive at your destination. Another big advantage is in terms of network connectivity. We all encounter scenarios where even two mobile networks do not give us enough coverage everywhere we go. At such a point, you can just switch to your third or even fourth network using the new iPhone which might solve your problems.

Currently, Airtel, Jio and Vodafone offer eSIM support in India. Tell us what you think about this handy feature in the new iPhones, and be sure to check out our detailed unboxing and hands on video below:



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