Apple Admits That The iPhone X & 13 inch MacBook Pro Have Hardware Issues

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Apple Admits That The iPhone X & 13 inch MacBook Pro Have Hardware Issues

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Technology is evolving rapidly and companies are bound to update products every year to keep up with their competition. But, this fast-paced development can often lead to hardware issues which arise after the products have reached the customers. One such infamous case was the ‘exploding batteries’ on the Samsung  Galaxy Note 7. And recently, Apple has announced that the iPhone X and 13-inch MacBook Pro have some issues. This causes the hardware to fail or not respond for no apparent reason.

The Issues
  • The iPhone X’s screen or part of the screen randomly stops recognising the user’s touch. Sometimes, it even reacts when the user has not touched it.
  • The 13 inch MacBook Pro (non-touch bar) that was sold between June 2017 & June 2018 might have an issue that leads to hard disk failure or data loss.
The Good

Apple has admitted to the issues with their products and is offering a free replacement to solve the issues. The users with eligible iPhone Xs can get a free screen replacement from Apple’s Authorised Service Providers or retail stores. Similarly, the MacBooks that face the disk failure issue can get a free service at an Apple retail store or an Authorised Service Provider. To check if your MacBook has such an issue, you can simply type the serial number on the company’s support page.

The Bad

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The iPhone X users have been complaining about the screen issue for almost a year now. And the company’s delayed response definitely made the customers suffer all this while. Also, Apple being one of the leaders in the tech industry, is not expected to ship products that have such issues.

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