Apple Confirms T2 Chip Limits 3rd-Party Repairs On New Macs

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Apple Confirms T2 Chip Limits 3rd-Party Repairs On New Macs

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Apple is pretty ruthless when it comes to their business strategies. The company is said to overprice many products accessories. It is also reported that they charge hefty sums of money for simple jobs like a screen or battery replacement. In the past, Apple has tried to limit users from purchasing non-authentic charging cables for the iPhones. Such charging cables would prompt as not supported when plugged in. Recently, Apple launched a new series of Macs with a built-in T2 security chip. The company claims it increases the security of devices but 3rd party repairers like iFixit profess otherwise. 3rd party repairers suggest that this is a move to limit the repair of Apple devices by non-certified technicians.

What Is The T2 Chip?

The T2 Chip is an IC (Integrated Circuit) which acts as a co-processor to the main CPU on Macs. According to Apple, the chip stores sensitive user data like the Touch ID details and cryptographic key which are essential for a device to boot. But, the T2 chip is not only limited to this and it is much more capable than basic security features. It can even leave a Mac device inoperable if the user opts for 3rd party components or repairs.

What’s Noteworthy

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Recently, TheVerge asked Apple to comment on these allegations, which the company did reply to. The company agreed that the T2 Chip would lock down a Mac device if non-Apple certified service provider fixed a device. It is for the first time that Apple has openly acknowledged the fact. The company added that the T2 chip is critical for features like responding to ‘Hey Siri’ commands. It also prevents the microphones to be taken over by remote hackers when the lid of the device is closed. Conclusively, the chip can communicate with other parts on Mac devices, and Apple can control these devices however they wish. Whether in a positive manner like tightening the security or in a negative way by overcharging customers for repairs.

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