iPhone Ban In China To Be Lifted Due To iOS Update

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iPhone Ban In China To Be Lifted Due To iOS Update

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Apple and Qualcomm have been engaged in a patent war. Earlier this month, Qualcomm won a legal battle against Apple in China. A Chinese court found Apple guilty of violating two patents which are held by Qualcomm. The court’s ruling will restrict Apple from importing and selling certain iPhone models in the country. The restricted devices include smartphones ranging between the iPhone 6S and the iPhone X models.  The patents are related to navigating apps on a touch screen and resizing photos. But according to Apple, they can easily resolve the issue and comply with the court’s ruling.

Apple’s Solution

Both the patents restricting Apple from importing and selling iPhones in China are software related. Therefore, the company can easily seed a software update for the affected iPhone models. Post the update, the smartphone will comply with Qualcomm’s patents resulting in the ban being lifted. The software update from Apple will start rolling out, starting this week.

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Furthermore, Apple has already filed for a reconsideration request. The company also said that a ban on iPhones would impact its Chinese suppliers and consumers as well as the tax revenue it pays to the authorities. If the ban is not lifted, the plummeting sales of the iPhone would take another jab. Most notably, China is a very crucial market for Apple. They are Apple’s third largest market after the US and Europe. China accounted for 19% of Apple’s total revenue in the last quarter.

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