Apple – Sprint deal may mean a CDMA iPhone 5 for the US

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Apple – Sprint deal may mean a CDMA iPhone 5 for the US

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A US $ 20 billion deal between Apple and telecom carrier Sprint, suggests that the 5th variant of the Jesus phone will be locked to a CDMA/EVDO exclusive in the US. The device proposed to be announced in half a day from now is expected to launch alongside two other devices.

A 20 billion dollar deal means over 30 million phones, for a company like sprint getting this exclusive deal could just make their futures perfect. The rumored deal is proposed to last up untill 2014. The remaining carriers will get the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 8gb versions.

Alternatively a global version of the iPhone 5 will feature a HSPA + 4G chipset capable of the next-gen networks, there you can breathe again.

Either way we will cover the event for you guys in our liveblog.

Some solid rumors for the device include

  • Larger 4-inch screen, higher resolution.
  • 1GB of RAM.
  • Slightly larger design overall, but thinner and with a larger battery.
  • 32GB of storage minimum
  • iPhone 5 exclusive software and APIs (Assistant).
  • Dedicated Assistant button
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