Apple’s Foldable iPhone To Take A Completely Different Approach

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Apple’s Foldable iPhone To Take A Completely Different Approach

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The year 2019 will be remembered as a significant year in the history of Smartphones. The year will see the launch of several smartphones with a foldable display. At least some information about foldable devices from Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei is already available but Apple nowhere seems to be in the picture.

A senior Samsung executive has shared crucial information about a foldable Apple phone. The executive claims that the display on the foldable Apple phone, unlike the Galaxy F, might fold outwards. The information can be considered trustworthy as large companies usually keep track of their competitor’s strategies.

Reasons For Using A Outward Folding Display

The clear advantage of using an outward folding display on a Smartphone is its ease of production. The outward folding display allows for a much higher turn radius than an inward folding display thus being the first choice out of the two options. 

The foldable glass that is currently available can only bend up to a certain angle. Beyond this safe angle, the glass would either crack or won’t return to its original wrinkle-free state. This is one reason why the first foldable phone, the Royale FlexPai has an outward folding display. 

Expectations From Apple


Apple is the richest company that knows no financial boundaries and continuously pushes technology with new innovations. The notch on top smartphone display’s that is slowly becoming the industry standard was also launched by Apple with the iPhone X.  Apple’s FaceID is still unmatched. Apple holds the power to surprise the world with an unusual and novel foldable phone. But, will the company actually do that may be a different question. 

Launch Date

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Although Apple has not made any comments about the launch of a foldable phone. Analysts claim that a foldable Apple phone will launch in the year 2020.

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