Apple Working On A Secret 5G Chip, Claims Patent

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Apple Working On A Secret 5G Chip, Claims Patent

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The MWC 2019 will kick off soon in Barcelona in a few days. It is expected that a lot of new and unique technologies will make an appearance. The technology that most people are excited about, is the introduction of 5G. It is expected to enable faster mobile data and improved connections over mobile. Most smartphone manufacturers also have promised a device that will support 5G. One company that hasn’t is Apple. It is expected that Apple is not attending the MWC 2019 nor will it launch a 5G device in 2019. But rumors have started to rise up again as a 5G technology patent by Apple has been leaked.

Apple has been silent about its stance on 5G and iPhones that will eventually support it. Apple has been known to patiently wait until a technology achieves near perfection to implement it. But this patent leak proves that Apple is working on some 5G technology secretly and has named it ‘Apple Bald Eagle 5G’. The patent was filed earlier this month at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property or BOIP.

iPhones With 5G in 2019?

Apple was earlier reported to skip the 5G hype bandwagon and wait until 2020 to implement it. It was attested to the fact that it would use Intel’s 5G modem in the 5G compatible iPhone. However, as Intel will not be able to supply the large number of Chips required by Apple, The implementation was expected to be pushed to 2020.  This patent leak suggests that Apple has been trying to make one on their own. This would also mean that Apple may be able to launch a 5G compatible iPhone in September 2019. 

The description offered with the patent said ‘Mobile telecommunication network services’. Apple has used the logo of the American Flag and its national symbol, the Bald Eagle combined with Apple Logo. This may be due to the fact that Apple is an American company and may name its modem after the national symbol.

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Apple doesn’t implement a piece of technology until it has been perfected for use to the general audience. So even if Apple decides to wait out till 2020 for 5G, it may be for the best.

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