Apple Planning To Combine iPhone, iPad And Mac Apps By 2021

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Apple Planning To Combine iPhone, iPad And Mac Apps By 2021

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The Apple ecosystem is vast, with various devices interconnected seamlessly. Despite running the same OS, the apps on the iPhone and the iPad differ in functionality and availability. A report claims that by the year 2021, the company will combine its iPhone, iPad and MacOS apps in a project codenamed Marzipan.

Combined Apps In The Apple Ecosystem

The move of combining apps for all the major products in the Apple ecosystem will make it easier to develop apps for these products. The Marzipan project might make an appearance in the upcoming Apple’s WWDC Developer conference in June. Only app development will be linear as Apple has confirmed that it won’t merge iOS and MacOS as a singular platform. Along with the alleged Marzipan project; Apple is also expected to announce the next generation of iOS, the iOS 13 for iPhones and iPads, at the event.

The alleged project Marzipan will begin its journey later this year, as Apple will let the developers port their iPad apps to Mac computers via a software development kit. This will be further explored in the year 2020 when iPhone apps will be tested for porting to Mac. All of these will be combined to form a united app experience across these three platforms by the year 2021. The kit will be released as early as June, which coincides with reports of it launching at the WWDC. This change will let developers create a cross-platform experience for an app, as some apps are currently available on iOS and not on MacOS.

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The project Marzipan is expected to provide a revenue opportunity for Apple as the company takes a profit share for in-app purchases and in-app subscriptions. It is also expected to announce some new products in its services divisions; namely a premium news subscription service and a video content initiative, in the month of March. The idea of combining apps for different ecosystems was first explored by Microsoft for its Windows Phone and Windows PCs, as well as Google when developing Android apps for ChromeOS. This move by Apple is expected to improve the app experience and may provide seamless connectivity on a single app between different platforms. 

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