Apple Watch Saves Another 23-Year Old’s Life

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Apple Watch Saves Another 23-Year Old’s Life

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Apple launched the Series 4 Apple Watch in September 2018, and the watch has significant improvements over its predecessors. One of the most noteworthy features is the improvement in the heart rate sensor, which informed the wearer regarding any spikes or drops in the heart rate, even if the user doesn’t feel any symptoms. Previously, owing to the fall detection feature of the smartwatch, a 67-Year old man was rescued by Emergency services and provided life-saving assistance. As per a Reddit post, a user accredited his life to the Apple Watch’s Heartbeat detection feature.

As per the user, he was in bed and watching TV when his Apple Watch alerted him regarding a heartbeat anomaly, and then suddenly, his heartbeat spiked up. It was then he realized something was actually wrong with his heart and he called the ER (Emergency Services). When the medics arrived, they found him in a state of shock and he was taken to the hospital and shifted to Trauma. It was later found out that he was suffering from Supraventricular Tachycardia (a condition in which the heart rate stays over 100 bpm, even if all the chambers of the heart are functioning normally).

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The Apple Watch Series 4 regularly monitors the heartbeat of the user and also keeps a track of the heart’s performance throughout the day. The overall statistics can be analyzed in the iPhone Health application. If the heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch detects anything unusual with the heartbeat, it alerts the user. If no further action is taken, the Emergency SOS feature alerts all the emergency contacts, calls the medical helpline number, sends your current location and displays the Medical ID badge of the wearer on the screen. 


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